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The Lord of the Rings OL Posté le Mardi 5 Mai 2009 à 03h44
March 17 The United States game developer Turbine announced the formal launch at the North American market, "The Lord of the Rings OL" released last fall, "Moglia pit" piece of information after the first free update "Book 7: eve isk for sale green pins (Leaves of Lorien ".
"Green Leaf pin" update a new copy of 12 people, and introduce a new map  cheap maplestory mesos (also known as) kingdom. European region will be at March 24 update.
"The Lord of the Rings OL" Posters
"The Lord of the Rings OL" executive producer Jeffrey Steefel said: "The game's first expansion pack," cheap dofus kamas "very successful, and as" Lord of the Rings OL "online games have set a world-class image. At near after the release of the two years, "The Lord of the Rings OL" became one of the fastest growing online games, with the launch of Book 7's, Galadriel and the Elves of the homeland will continue to expand the Kingdom of
lineage 2 adena"The Lord of the Rings OL" world. We also According to feedback from players in the game introduces new tools and improvements, including a new mission guide and improve the gaming experience. "
"The Lord of the Rings OL" Screenshots

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