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Original online games Posté le Samedi 9 Mai 2009 à 05h28
Press and Publication Administration Sun Shoushan countersign on the 18th eve online isk, said that in the international financial crisis continued to deteriorate against the backdrop of the spread of China's online game industry has contrarian dust and maintain the rapid development of a financial crisis in China's economic development environment in the "new bright gaia gold"
Hill held in Shanghai "to strengthen the network of anti-regulatory indulgence Games working conference on implementation of the system," said the Chinese online games in 2008 the publishing industry's actual sales revenue of 18.38 billion yuan more than in 2007 a 76.6 percent growth in output value the same period last year and significantly improve, as well as  maple story mesos, IT and other industries up to 47.84 billion yuan of direct income, the income scale far beyond the traditional three major entertainment content industry - movie box office, television entertainment programs and audio-video products tibia gold for sale.
In recent years, Chinese online game industry overall strength significantly increased, and many well-known online game enterprises in their efforts to open up overseas markets. In 2008, a total of 15 enterprises in 33 online games online games original products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, annual sales revenue reached lineage 2 powerleveling, up Hill said that in 2009, Chinese exports of original online games is expected to exceed one hundred million U.S. dollars.

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