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Online games for maple story Posté le Vendredi 15 Mai 2009 à 03h44

News Copyright Department data show that in 2008 China's online game publishing industry the actual sales income reached 18.3 billion, representing 76.6 percent growth in 2007 for the telecommunications, IT bring direct income of 47.84 billion yuan.
"Local network game companies will not develop overseas markets for a product, in terms of quality games, or details on the concept, online games with cheap maplestory money manufacturers still exist a considerable gap, so the focus of product development or in the domestic market." The above-mentioned persons said the overseas export only "icing on the cake."
Games giant network's press spokesman Gu Jian-Bing also said that at present, the company's main market is still on the domestic. Games giant network companies is that if these companies will focus shifted to overseas buy lineage 2 adena, then the existing domestic market by competitors seize the existence of risk

The sudden advent of the financial crisis, the global economy suffered damage, but the online games has shown very strong "", but have to revert back to trend up. Since last year, perfect time and space, a grand, Golden Hill, as well as domestic giants such as online games giant, have tentacles stretching to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, the local online games gaia gold is surging undercurrent. According to a third party consulting firm iResearch data provided, the future online games the average increase in international business will reach 100 percent, while domestic business represents an increase of about 30%.

However, overseas gold may not be able to "make a lot of money." Game Commentary Zhang Le book at the "cheap gaia gold" reporter said in an interview that the local community into the overseas online games is not a absolute win gold overseas trip in 2009 or online games will become a local slowdown in exports a year.

The operation of overseas gold rush

Southeast Asia is a major exporter of

"Now local businesses online games the purpose of exports, cheap lineage 2 powerleveling." Yesterday, a local online games to the people in charge of the enterprise reporter frankly, with the overseas operator is a can not lose mode of operation. In accordance with international practice, local game companies to  operators to sell products online games, will be used to pay deposit and then divided into agent mode of operation: the latter first disposable agent to pay a substantial amount of gold, the amount can be broadly achieved This online game R & D Products half fee; This involved the re-development of the next Games, the two sides and then divided into the form of each benefit.

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