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Wizard powerful players Posté le Jeudi 21 Mai 2009 à 04h22

Two big new thing: the mysterious race of the new changes brought about by
"Element Wizard" from the mysterious "five magic circles of   cheap maplestory money," a mysterious race, they add, is undoubtedly the mainland for the perfect add fresh blood. They all turned from the mysterious innovation. Their arrival, in order to perfect the mainland brought a new fighting force, at the same time they will also be forced to come here raging flames of  l2 adena! For gamers, this follow-up to the impact of change is that they are faced with more challenges.
Three strong Aspect: gift wizard powerful players
"Element wizard" will accompany players to grow together. Along  with their combat effectiveness of the higher level, gradually strong. And their powerful, natural and powerful that they have closely related cheap gaia gold. They are fighting for the players to provide a strong guarantee and backing. As an advocate of players fighting for the wizard is to add an additional U.S. a good helper Oh!
Four of the odd things: the people have bodyguards female companion wizard
Only once before goblin pet alone to enjoy, accompanied by war, and now with the "
cheap lineage 2 powerleveling," the advent of perfection on the mainland residents, regardless of youngest, can have such a pretty touching, "female wizard" as a bodyguard, hovering at overhead. Of players is concerned, this is certainly a big event!

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