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Internet version of games Posté le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009 à 09h04

Five-mill sword, Jianguang Ying cold wall. five years by the dumping, and waste tens of millions of funds to build the “Internet version of JX III” (eve isk for sale referred to as ” 3″) 1 by the market, it shocked the industry. Be regarded as “pseudo-martial arts online games Terminator” and ” 3″ to make every effort to restore the true martial arts world, martial arts books extracted from the Game content, carefully research each and every door-to-door and skills, and taking into account the design of real martial arts moves one stroke One type of online games away and impractical martial arts practice.
Click to enter 3 Area: dofus kamas

Shaolin strength, Chun-yang of the ethereal, customs clearance flower ten thousand, seven show Subtle, days of brave strategy, ” 3″ Every door-to-door all goes back to ancient times, each stroke of each type are all well-known door, a living-color Aroma contrast out of the corners of cheap l2 adena.
Shaolin Temple: Buddhism broad
It is said that the Northern Wei period, Emperor gaia gold have Supporting built at Shaolin Temple, Shaolin faction set manner. Tang Xianheng years, the Tang Emperor Li Zhi’s son, Lee Xi-born birth for Hongyun shrouded Gaozong life good and bad fortune, divination with intrauterine Health said there is evildoer, chaos For the Chinese, is working with Xianheng phase Chong year. Gaozong convinced that his words and was Lee Xi-Fei Liu and his mother. Eighth son of Emperor Liu Fei Lee Dan darkfall gold , Lee Xi-adventure will be rescued, the same night sent Shaolin satisfactory. Later, Lee Xi-successor abbot, Shaolin faction headed.

Shaolin martial about to enter Zen Wu, Chan-wu combination. The midst of large gate open, stable and not delayed, a move one type are flooded between
cheap dofus power leveling, self-cultivation to the late more can be shipped in the whole body, body care golden, even if they are hit, opponent will be greatly injury, often can be described as invincible.

Shaolin skills are the most significant characteristics of both “Yi-Gin-Ching” and   Internal Strength, another “Ocean’s stick work,” “matsudana Gong”, etc. , are singled out for the best role .

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