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Internal R & D Posté le Mercredi 15 Avril 2009 à 05h20
TV series   has been all the rage, but the television spot, after all, only to see that when you add Li Yunlong of online games at the camp, experienced a strong enemy in front of the thriller took moment, it is what kind of feel? Reporter learned yesterday from the Nets eveisk Designed original new game   has put an end to internal R & D, will soon be an official meeting with players.
     Reporter yesterday interviewed cheap darkfallonline gold Net Director. He presided over the planning of a variety of original online games for young people in Shenzhen is the Shenzhen online games industry in cutting-edge strength. He said that the online games industry in the field of culture belong to the buy maple story money, the most challenging industry, adhering to the road in order to do something original. In addition to the industry's enthusiasm and ability, tenacity and rational is also sometimes the most important aspect.
 And Shenzhen, original online games to grow together
Is also a master of online games once now biggest accomplishment is to enable an increasing number of players at their own online games in planned. In 2004, from Tianjin Normal University, Computer Science graduates came to Shenzhen, enter tibia money Corporation (Bao Net Zhongqing predecessor) as the game plan, participated in the 2.5D was the leading domestic online game "Warring States heroes" of planning. Just entered him into the online games cheap dofus power leveling, technology, scenes, activities and other aspect to fully understand a product from the pre-planning to the operation of the production process. At present, the "Warring States heroes" operate in good condition, and are exported to China Taiwan, with North American cooperation in negotiations.

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