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Online games Posté le Jeudi 23 Avril 2009 à 03h14
First of all, online games should not be seen as a dreadful monster. Entertainment needs of the people are by nature, online games is just one vector only, online games should give more tolerance. In addition to strengthening industry buy cheap eve online isk, the country-related agencies to strengthen supervision, the individual should not allow pornography, violence works to undermine the healthy growth of the entire market. Only in this way, national online games manufacturers to better grow and develop.
Secondly, , plug the havoc disrupting the ecological balance of online games industry as a whole, and our country's law in this area have lagged behind the loss and the hope of speeding up the relevant lineage 2 adena.
Finally, in the international expansion of, we hope the relevant government departments to organize study tours and international peers, exchange and cooperation, rather than just rely on their own to find out. This point, the South Korean government at the organizational culture has successful experience in exports, it is worth our cheap dofus kamas for sale .
This year will maintain a relatively rapid growth of online games
Reporter: In the new year, Jinshan on the domestic online games market to determine what is? Whether it will continue refining the online games market?
  even though the financial crisis to the industry have brought a certain influence, but the impact on online games industry is not obvious. This year's online games market will maintain a rapid growth. Kingsoft has always been a way to make online games studio now has seven studios, research and development topics covering arts, , leisure, Q version of a variety of styles.
Reporter: financial crisis on the Gold Peak Group has just been formed cheap dofus powerleveling?
 Our funds are very abundant, and has been in a state of sustained profitability. Although the financial storm raging, but we still think that not layoffs, not a pay cut. At present, Kingsoft has 2200 people, one of 55% for R & D personnel. Is expected that by the end of 2009, Jinshan the number of employees will reach the size of 2700 people.
Reporter: Jinshan confirmed previous group of companies, and whether that meant that Chinshan at re-positioning of the search industry. Do you think the future will tibia gold online games are a company or a software company?
  Jinshan is a Internet-based software company, whether it is generic software, Internet security software, or entertainment software, we are always in the software to do. Before positioning the industry for 20 years there has been no change, after 20 years I do not want to become.
Reporter: Can you reveal the recent planning ?
  We will continue the recent implementation of Internet software, including before the google with the cooperation of, WPSoffice enter GooglePack software selection, as well as to strengthen the functions of customer service software, online support and remote assistance as a new point to cultivate profitable. Online games, the adoption of amendments to the Penal Code, let us fight against plug-ins, law. We will intensify the crackdown at the same time increase the strength of the protection of virtual items. ( "Daily Economic News")

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