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Worthy of deep reflection Posté le Mardi 28 Avril 2009 à 04h22
Beijing Morning Post reported October 27 online at 10 days, the Central Academy of Fine Arts 81-year-old professor Wu Guoqin on referral and 58-year-old aunt Chengdu
Love at first sight, to meet three days, he and she promised for life. Yesterday, the two Western-style wedding in Beijing, darkfall online gold for sale held a resort, many people heard the news came for the marriage of elderly ethnic flash sent blessing.
       "She looked the picture of me think that she is looking for that person."
       "I do not care how others look, the independent world is watch my principles."
       "Since the network is not just belong to the Youth."
        Case three: a man with a female college student paralyzed courtship Marry
       According to "Chongqing Commercial Daily" reported 30-year-old DING cheap gaia gold severe paralysis from a young age and has never been on him the day of the study through self-study, and finally won by a network of female college students in Guangxi heart. Get along with the adoption of 6-year, 11 day, DING Sheng-qi Pang dispute with his girlfriend courtship winter in Chongqing Jiangbei District Civil Affairs Bureau official marriage registration centers to receive a marriage certificate. March 2001, read at Guangxi University junior computer professional fight Pang Dong DING cheap lineage 2 adena through the network and begin a courtship. 6 years, no matter where he went to work for the winter Pang will go with the . It is indisputable Dong Pang wrote a description of Hakka Living novel , and DING Sheng-qi autobiographical novel "DING buy tibia money  Password" is currently preparing the publication.
        With the reality of love as compared to courtship do not need to be realistic secular influence. However, falling in love with each other across the screen, but you do not know and you to chat across from the people or animals are. Disadvantage into advantage of the advantages are magnified dofus powerleveling, you will be bogged down further. But across the screen you can not always fall in love, must eventually return to reality, reality will not be as beautiful as virtual. How to put into reality Love is worthy of deep reflection.

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