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Warhammer OL Posté le Mardi 5 Mai 2009 à 03h45
March 17, 2009, European and American fantasy MMORPG masterpiece "Warhammer OL" information chip "calls war" the darkfall online gold. This piece of information will adopt a "phased on-line" approach, in March to June as part of the content is updated every month. 3 month on-line part of two new gaia gold, respectively, are dwarves and orcs massacre smash those.
"Warhammer OL" Game screenshot 1
In addition, the "Warhammer OL" will be in May and June, respectively, add new scenes, the current in April will add new content is unknown. Information on the contents of tablets will provide a free download, Do not need additional money to buy cheap tibia money.
In December 2008 when the "Warhammer OL" the producers said Mythic Do not need the information to do films, but "Warhammer OL" are on sale in September 2008, and until now has just over half a year information on the cheap dofus power leveling, and This can only be used to describe a fast-growing, and "World of Warcraft" expansion pack on the two lines did not so quickly. But compared with the slow-reactive skilled work out of "World of Warcraft" expansion pack, the "Warhammer OL" piece of information or have serious suspects to speed up the cheap lineage 2 powerleveling, I do not know whether there is on line with the "World of Warcraft" to counter the strength.
"Warhammer OL" Game screenshot 2

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