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Business Prospects Posté le Samedi 9 Mai 2009 à 05h27
March 18 afternoon, Tencent released its ending December 31, 2008 unaudited fourth quarter and audited results for fiscal year 08. Quote,Profile, Tencent 08 fiscal year fourth quarter net profit of 869.1 million yuan for the full year net profit of lineage 2 adena.  
Tencent is expected in the first quarter of 2009, students and the Chinese New Year Holiday Winter will make value-added Internet services, especially online games business, benefited from the favorable seasonal factors. On the other hand, at the deteriorating economic environment, as more and more advertisers to reduce or delay expenditures darkfall online gold, Tencent's online advertising business will face greater pressure; again and the first quarter of ads are low season, the Lunar New Year before and after the vacation business ads will be reduced.
Internet Games category of non-value-added services,buy dofus kamas is seeking opportunities to expand "QQ Members" service, add the privilege of daily necessities. In addition, Tencent will continue to refine "QQ space" Service functions and user experience, was in January 2009 the formal launch of the real-name system of the SNS Service "alumni" to meet the social demand for university students. Network games, Tencent will continue to play a key advantage, through independent research and development, agent and investment, such as the introduction of attractive game, Game agent even though lower interest rates. Product Tencent preliminary plans include the introduction in 2009, paragraph 3, cheap dofus powerleveling  medium MMOG and casual games, as well as the first half of 2010 at 6 MMOG planning.
In 2008, Tencent's wireless business to benefit from favorable operating environment achieved solid growth. The future, although the telecommunications operator to launch 3G networks and more cost-effective data services, will stimulate the growth of wireless data services, but carriers are in a transitional period, Tencent still cautious regulatory environment. Based on a more long-term growth, Tencent create more value for customers and carriers to maintain close relations

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