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The perfect time and space to buy dofus kamas Posté le Vendredi 15 Mai 2009 à 03h46
At present, the perfect time and space, a grand, Golden Hill, as well as a giant online games such as 15 companies, will invest 33 works operating at near 40 overseas markets, the implementation in 2008 Sales revenue of more than one hundred million U.S. dollars score, an increase of near 30%. However, there is the industry that the current local companies into the overseas online games as "cheapest dofus kamas."
It is learned that Kingsoft's "JX Series" as well as Sohu's "Dragon" will be overseas as the main battlefield of . " tibia money for sale online game only for the Southeast Asian market. And local level, 's online games have obvious advantages, this is most of the domestic online games destination of choice for enterprises." Online games, a listed company insiders told reporters yesterday.
However, the Chinese online game it is very difficult in Europe and is more sophisticated online games industry to expand the market area. "European and American carriers buy Chinese online games, are only part of the local market in order to meet the needs of 'China Wind' curious gamers users. And 'Chinese style'
cheapest darkfall gold, turn-based gameplay, as well as 2D effects Game Products, indeed not easy to was optimistic about the local market. "
According to informed sources, Chinese online game landing in Europe and market, many are one-time payment through the payment agent transaction mode, if there is no strong financial security, and strong support of the local operating partners, to expand overseas road not optimistic.
Overseas gold prospects
The performance of growth points are still domestic
"Local online games to expand overseas, may not be absolutely sure to win an overseas trip to the Gold Rush." Yesterday, Zhang Le-book at the "cheap eve isk" reporter said.
The reason why online games have local enterprises to expand overseas, an important reason for this is that the competitiveness of the domestic market has reached the extent of white-hot. However, after the setback to expand cheap dofus powerleveling, they will focus on the domestic.
"Now there is a lot of overseas operators hope to cooperate with us, but in exports, we have a very rational." Yesterday, a Shanghai online games at people in charge of the enterprise to accept the "Daily Economic News" reporter said in an interview that their counterparts consensus is that the performance of online game growth points are still domestic.

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