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New version of games Posté le Jeudi 28 Mai 2009 à 03h26

Annual page masterpiece Games "Longcheng lords" New version of "Maya's counteroffensives" related to the exposure by one message, it immediately aroused the vast number of the close attention of darkfall gold for sale.
     On line at the upcoming new version, players look forward to the highest degree of the fourth largest ethnic groups - the Maya, will soon debut shocked! At the same time, a lot of new content will also be updated simultaneously.
     In order to meet the "
GaiaOnline Gold - Maya's counteroffensives" inner mighty, the official website for the new version has been comprehensively revised.
     Today, "Dragon Lord" The new official website will officially meet with the players!
"Dragon Lord" official website: lineage 2 adena
     The revised "Longcheng lords" official website, will be fully in line with on-line version of the game of "Maya's counteroffensives" relevant information to carry out the most comprehensive and authoritative, the most detailed introduction and guidelines!

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