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MERRY CHRiiSTMAS! Posté le Lundi 17 Décembre 2007 à 13h37
Christmas arrives soon!
The poupulation has finished spending fortunes for Christmas gifts!
This day is so important in France and most of the world!
OnThe Dec. 24, while the atmosphere will be cheerful and family like... They will all relish a good meal in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
[Nobody will be alone least almost nobody....]
I will also think of all these people who have neither family nor shelter. Or because of the constraint of living. They may not have  REAL CHRISTMAS! Think the gifts that you could do to TRUE charities that permits the  most helpless people to be happy just for one night!You can do it...
On that night,children  waitfor the arrival of
 Santa Klaus and adults will enjoy this  magical evening.
 [In any case I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happiness for the New Year!]
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