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Calvin And Education Posté le Lundi 13 Juin 2011 à 04h18

 I was surfing the internet when I stumbled upon this blog and saw a picture of Calvin, of the famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, shouting he hates going to school.
I just laughed immediately after reading the lines. I pity Calvin because he just have to endure it until he gets to college. Just like me. I really hate going to school because of the difficult tests, boring research paper writing and no-stop essay writing. If only I was rich then, I should have just hired essay writing services to write my papers for me.
Thankfully, as I mature I become better in school and just accepted the fact that not because you hate doing something, you are going to stop doing it. There are things in life that is so important that no matter how uncomfortable you about it, you still have to do it.
Oh education! Why does it have to be so much important in landing a job, getting money and getting all the things that you need and want. I think I have to enjoy this summer when I do not have to worry any research paper or writing assignment because next school year will surely be tougher.

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