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Diamond Pearl foods

sona Impex

Royal Diner Posté le Mercredi 13 Juillet 2011 à 14h24

Nurtured in the lap of the Himalayas and satiated by the serene waters forming the Ganges, Diamond Pearl Royal Diner - Pure Basmati Rice is the finest offering from the house of Diamond Pearl Foods. Known for its naturally pure & long grained appearance, mystifying aroma, magical flavours and delicate fluffy texture, these choicest slender pearl white grains, treasured and aged to perfection for over twelve months, naturally melt in your mouth treating your taste buds to royal bliss!

Royal Diner is a perfect ingredient in or companion to Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Continental and a host of delicacies across cuisines. Come treat yourself to royalty, indulge in the pure & authentic tastes of India and crown yourself as the well deserved & rightful Royal Diner.

Available as pure (raw) and par boiled (cream and golden variants) basmati rice.



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