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Short story about blueprints Posté le Lundi 13 Décembre 2010 à 13h35

Welcome! If you are Eve player, you should know more about blueprints. They are very important part of the game. Blueprints are generally speaking, a recipes; they let you combine a given quantity of minerals and produce something. There's two genres of blueprints. blueprint originals ("BPOs") and blueprint copies ("BPCs"). Blueprints have four common statistics about Eve online.

* Number of runs. This says how many times you can take advantage the blueprint.
* Base Production Time. For what time manufacturing will take for one in Eve online use of the blueprint.
* Mineral Efficiency ("ME"). This tells how much material will be wasted. Higher mineral efficiency means smaller number waste, but the effect of greater mineral efficiency is on higher level than at a logarithmic rate (that is, as the level of specified merchant greatly efficiency increases, every better level gets rid of even less and less waste with Eve).
* Production Efficiency ("PE"). This informs what amount of time you need to spend buy eve isk for developing one run of the blueprint will take. Similar to the resource efficiency, the profit has a logarithmic dropoff.

Tech 1 Blueprint Originals can be obtained either as a reward for doing agent missions, bought off the standard market from NPCs or (not often) obtained off the escrow market from PCs.

* ME Research Time. For how long the BPO will be staying in a lab when doing 1 point of ME.
* PE Research Time. Identical thing as above, but for PE.

* Copytime. Equal as above, but how long it will take to create a BPC with 1 run from this BPO.

Blueprint Copies you can get either as a reward for running Eve isk agent tasks or via merchandize with other players (either directly or via the escrow market). They can be created by players; a BPO is put into a 'copying' research slot and does a BPC after a specific amount of time.

Research is meant to support you make better your BPO before using it in development, from time when a 'raw' BPO off the market is normally a bit slow and wasteful. Research is done at stations (NPC-owned stations, PC outpost stations; I believe the POS research arrays are during the moment bugged). Any given research-capable station will have a detailed number of slots, usually 20.

When you have a BPO you want to research, you first discover a station with open slots for the research genre you desire to make. For developing, PE research and Blueprint Copying, you rather will be fine - in empire, I not often see a shortage of these Eve online isk. Mineral Efficiency making slots are almost always clogged up in the major regions, so you may have to do escapades around to look for an open slot. For not nice stuff, like ammo and frigates, a ME of 10 is maybe enough. Well, as the item's expense is larger and larger, the much nicer ME will be. Research generally has no material requirements and tends to not priced too much; the exception is ME research, which is usually expensive due to the demand for slots making higher the price. (Research is priced by the hour. Most Eve online isk research costs a some hundred money per hour, whereas ME research can be priced upwards of large number of money per hour.)

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