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All About Swimwear

All About Swimwear

All About Swimwear Posté le Vendredi 29 Avril 2011 à 19h31

Bathing Suits are an essential part of summer. If you plan to go vacation at the beach or unwind at the pool, you need a bathing suit. The variety of swimwear to select from is almost endless.

The original swimwear style is the one piece swimwear. They’ve been around as long as swimwear themselves have. One piece swimsuits look like leotards, but made from the suitable fabric for swimming. They are modest and stay on well, which makes them popular among women who do water sports.

Swim dresses are an additional modest choice. These are like regular one piece swimsuits, but with a skirted bottom for a little more coverage. The first bathing suits were swim dresses, so like the one piece, they’re a common choice. A lot of women are drawn to the femininity of a swim dress.

The most well known style of swimsuit is probably the bikini. The bikini is well-known for being the classic sexy swimwear choice.Bikinis come in a lot of styles, from retro bandeaus to halter tops to string bikinis. No matter what you choose, it is hard to go wrong with a bikini.

Tankinis are a mix between a one piece swimsuit and a bikini. They are essentially a tank top combined with a bikini bottom. Tankinis are well-known among girls who like the freedom of movement they get with a two piece swimsuit, but who still like the coverage of a one piece.

Skirtinis are tankinis with skirted bottoms. They’re becoming more popular as modesty becomes more fashionable. A lot of women like skirtinis because they’re more feminine than tankinis and give a little bit more coverage.

Monokinis are fresh item in swimsuit fashion. They resemble a one piece swimsuit, but several parts of them are cut away, most often the sides. Monokinis are thought to be very sexy and daring, so much that they are positiioned to replace the bikini as the hottest bathing suit on the market.

Now that you learn about the huge variety of swimsuits, it’s time for you to decide what kind you like. Try them all and see which one is best for you!


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