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Golf on ground Posté le Jeudi 24 Mars 2011 à 03h01

Along the road through the park every morning,
I can see how an occasional sports come to enjoy our elderly,
Today, I was surprised to see intently.

I had always thought gateball,
This is apparently different.
Speaking gateball what hit the ball in the Innovation component long-shank tools such as hammer.
However, trying to get people over to the park,
A golf putter as a little bigger, something like that.
I wonder. I wonder.
Become to mind, I examined earlier.

"Golf on ground"

It seems that the sport.
"Croquet is not an old man sport" in the search for, failure.
The following "Golf Croquet old man " in the search,
"Golf on ground" to find the words,
"Golf on ground" search for,
Ah! This is it! !
Everything is ok.

Basically, that the search
Is a series of words is a good way to best results you want.
But if I do not know the words, I really troubled.

Golf on ground in the park everyone is your golf
They are very fun game,
Irasshaimasu to lively.

I'm sure the park's cherry trees bloom,
Ground cherry tree in a snowstorm that I wonder ・ golf.
It is pleasure.


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