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Seating Area Posté le Vendredi 22 Octobre 2010 à 13h20

It was a miracle. Imagine you are tired of the whole working day. And then you come home, and you will find a miracle sitting area. Well, what could be better?
pine bunk beds
The Swiss company deSede along with designer Jane Worthington (Jane Worthington), a corner had created just for you. Taking into account all the details that are needed for a good rest. The kit includes brackets for recreation - a leather sofa, with a branch in the form of television and with a branch in the form of a coffee table the DS 152, which you can place your dinner and quietly absorb it, watching favorite TV series or TV show. Table has the ability to rotate, allowing you to eat, for example, simply unscrew it from himself, and only then when will your series, up and away with him.

Sofa has a gentle rounded shape in all parts and metal legs, so it would be best placed in the center of the room, and though ... it will look great in any location.

Cost - $ 10,300. Available in different colors.

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