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On my site, welcome Posté le Vendredi 24 Septembre 2010 à 10h29

Welcome on my site! Because It's my very first post, so I would like to start with fantastic info. 13th September 25 years ago, has been released to publicity game named Super Mario Bros., which means, that Mario is 25 years old plumber!

I would like to tell you about some of last gaming titles published with Mario. Have a good time reading!

Mario Kart

Take a seat beneath the go-cart or bike and have fun in outstanding races! Play with friends and discover your ratings at Mario Kart Channel. Discover car racing games for kids shortcuts, make acrobatics and win with the rivals! Get power-ups, which will give helping hand you in order to getting much better rank and make your opponents playing tougher.

Mario Strikers Charged Football

What can be greater than football match played with pals. Obviously only football game enjoyed with friends along with Nintendo heroes doing an outstanding part of it. Mario Strikers Charged Football is changing football matches in something really refreshing and totally absorbing. Take a part in outstanding matches four vs four, where you are obligated to score a point to get a prize. Using unique powers of your players, beat the opponents in lovely online games for kids football match.

Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 is eighth part of typical social Nintendo game, which for the first time is being published for everyone on Nintendo Wii. That makes overall game much more valuable thanks to nunchuck and Wiilot. During the gaming with twelve types of games, you and just three of your mates will spend really fascinating time with most known characters from Nintendo – Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Luigi and many, many more. Fun is begins in fun online games for kids Mario Party 8!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Next game where fashionable heroes will try their chances in Olympics. This time, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Sonic, Mario, Princess Peach and others are going to try out themselves competitions in Olympic Winter Games, which are actually in Whistler and Vancouver in Canada. Sport buildings in game are totally similar to these ones where real Olympics in 2010 are going to be in Canada. Gaming characters will participate in outstanding number of contests, which kids games online for free Olympics gives. Game is full entertainment and it's just best while enjoying with some of your friends or family.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is another marvelous part of stunning game from 2007. It has been released, just like first game of Super Mario Galaxy, just on Nintendo Wii. This is with third-person camera platform game. Game rules are extremely similar to the ones first part, which says, that on player waits numerous of different levels to complete. They is plenty of running, jumping, solving numerous of logic puzzles, picking up bonuses and fantastic bonuses. This time our hero has friend of dinosaur Yoshi, which gives his little helping hand with solving next riddles. During the game we will visit different planets, which have gravitation on different level. Super Mario Galaxy 2 free game for kids has much better visual side than previous game and for the power of Wii game has graphic just totally wonderful.

Since all of this time which passed, Mario hasn't changed even for a bit. His looks is exactly the same and gives enjoyment to the next generation of players. In the way as I see it, large number of players is not able to imagine our world without our brave Italian mustached plumber.

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