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Sarah's Key Movie 2011

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Sarah's Key Film Review Posté le Mercredi 17 Août 2011 à 06h52

ImageHaving read the book, I was somewhat hesitant to watch Sarah's Key but I was not in the least disappointed, in fact, I thought it was an excellent adaptation.  Kristen Scott Thomas gives a stellar performance as an American journalist who lives in Paris and is assigned to write a... read more story about the French roundup of the Jews in the 1940's.   As she investigates the past of a French Jewish Family, she becomes obsessed with finding and exposing the truth as others, including her own husband judge her in complacent ignorance.  As she delves further into the horrors this Jewish family was subjected to, she discovers a terrible secret which involves her family.   Melusine Mayance is superb as Sarah, the brave little girl who not understanding the scope of the situation locks her brother in the closet to save him and ends up being his executor.   The decision she made affects her for life.  The story is heart wrenching but grabs you right from the beginning.  It is told in past and present until the two converge into a possible bright future.

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