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Paloma Picasso Double Loving Heart ring Posté le Vendredi 21 Janvier 2011 à 08h58

Baum School of Art fashion teacher Pamela Ptak says she thinks football uniforms should function as "a frame" for the athletic human form.

Ptak, who lives outside Riegelsville in Durham Township, will critique some of football's best-loved uniforms while appearing as a fashion expert on the NFL Network's "Top Ten Uniforms" at 8 p.m. Friday.

Ptak is one of the people interviewed, along with players and fans, making comments about the NFL's uniforms for both players and cheerleaders.

The former contestant on Lifetime's "Project Runway" was contacted by the Tiffany Signature ring after producers saw her on the fashion reality show's seventh season earlier this year.

"It's not usually a common thing to put together," Ptak says. "I wouldn't have made a natural connection that the NFL Network needs a fashion designer."

However, Ptak who describes herself as "not the ultimate sports person in the universe," thought it sounded like fun. And she notes fashion designer Vera Wang has done cheerleader uniforms, so "I'm not in bad company."

It's the second time Ptak, who teaches fashion at Lehigh County Community College as well as at Baum, has been called upon to pass judgment on sports uniforms.

In 2007, she was invited to critique the new uniforms for the Paloma Picasso Double Loving Heart ring Valley IronPigs at a fashion show.

Ptak studied at Pratt Institute in New York and worked as an art director for advertising agencies before starting her own line of clothing in 2001.

She says she enjoyed the opportunity to look at football uniforms from a fashion perspective.

"The Dallas Cowboys have a great uniform look," she says. "I really like the traditional fall uniforms of all the teams the best."

She believes the teams look best in uniforms that don't obscure the athletes' "rock-hard abs" and "exquisite musculature."

"They have worked so hard to get this amazing athletic Tiffany Paloma Picasso Loving Heart ring," she says. "As a fine artist I believe human anatomy is the most beautiful sculpture. We can admire it if it is showcased nicely."

Friday's episode will be repeated at 1 a.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The designer also will appear on two additional episodes of NFL's "Top Ten" this season.

Ptak who was the second designer to be voted off of "Project Runway" in January, designs women's separates and dresses for her ready-to-wear line "Pamela Ptak," and custom couture dresses and gowns under the label "Ptak Couture. She describes her fashions as architectural with clean lines and geometric shapes. She recently showed her ready-to-wear fashion collection at Philadelphia's Fashion Week.

"I had faith in him," Ivory said. "I just put it out there and let him make a play on it. He made a great catch. It was a better catch than a throw. Don't get that wrong."

Maybe not. Ivory scrambled around looking for someone before finding Bonner and had at least one Tiffany Somerset heart ring defender wrapped around his ankles when he let the pass go.

"I just so happened to look over there," Ivory said. "It was either throw it away or give him a chance, and I gave him a chance. It wasn't designed for it to happen that way, but I knew where he would be at."

"It was a great play by him," SEMO linebacker Blake Peiffer said. "Somebody was hanging onto his ankle. There was nothing more we could do."

For Bonner, the touchdown catch -- his only catch of the game -- provided a bit of retribution. In the fourth quarter he was swarmed by the SEMO punt coverage team and somehow lost the ball deep in JSU's end. The Redhawks converted it into a touchdown to wipe out a 19-14 Elsa Peretti Open Wave ring lead, going ahead 21-19.

The Gamecocks also had a 22-21 lead with 6:43 to play.

"It was a big make up thing," Bonner said. "I had to come back and do it for my team. I wasn't nervous at all. I knew the whole time we were going to come back and win the game. We've been in that situation a couple times this year already, so we believed we could do it."


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