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Discount Jacob&Co Posté le Vendredi 28 Janvier 2011 à 08h36

Sock it to that stubborn gift list with fanciful footwear and hosiery. Even the most practical curmudgeon will usually accept a gift of socks, and today's styles and fibers offer a wonderland of choices. In cashmere, silk, cotton or blends, socks come big, little and in between with all-forgiving size ranges to Discount IWC problems of fit. Something's Afoot offers one-stop sock shopping with a selection of more than 1,000 different styles; prices range from $2.50 to $40. For the health conscious, there's a gymnasium full of fitness gifts and health club gift certificates.

Methodist Hospital's Institute for Preventive Medicine suggests Holiday Health Certificates. Gifts of health include an Exercise Prescription, Massage, Health Club Membership and Weight Control, Stress Management and Stop Smoking Programs. For more information, call 790-3000. Houstonian Medical Specialists offer gift certificates for a seven-week Fresh Start program. For $100, participants can learn about nutrition, diet, exercise and stress management. Call 680-2611.

The Houstonian, the athletic/fitness center that President-elect George Bush calls home, offers one-year gift Discount Jacob&Co ranging from $715 to $12,500. For more information call 680-2626.

Houston's own Chris Silkwood is featured in four new exercise videotapes, including Stretch & Relax, Full Body Workout, Couples Workout and Mature American. The tapes are $19.95 each and can be obtained at Physico, The Houstonian or call 21st Century Media at 783-1066. And finally, what Christmas Discount Jaeger leCoultre story would be complete without mentioning the traditional tie? For a successful tie-giving adventure, follow the tips from the Neckwear Association of America: Buy a tie that fits the recipient's taste, not necessarily yours; check out the recipient's wardrobe and buy accordingly; check existing tie labels and follow suit; look for quality; and take a look at the fashion scene.


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