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Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-8 Posté le Samedi 29 Janvier 2011 à 08h51

Tanya, who didn't want her last name used, is a woman in her early 40s with six children, all between the ages of 6 and 14. For years her husband, who was a drug abuser, subjected her to domestic Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-8.

Her children began showing the telltale signs of being affected by what was going on around them by getting into trouble at school, showing lack of respect for authority, and even worse, withdrawing into themselves. Once before she had left her abusive husband for her and the children's sake. Yet for one reason or another or maybe because she believed he would Graham Chronofighter Diver GR-9, she returned to him, only to experience the same situation.

With no one to help her out of the madness that had overwhelmed her again and constantly seeing her children's behavior degenerate on a daily basis, she decided to leave once more -- this time for good. Now she is among the large and growing population of homeless people in Indianapolis. Where can she go for help?

This nightmare was once a reality for Tanya, who gave birth to her youngest son while a resident at a center for the homeless the first time and has returned with all her children to fight for control of her life and keep it this time. "I care about my children too much to go back any Graham Chronofighter GR-17," said Tanya, who is now divorced.

With the help of Dayspring Center, located near 16th Street and Central Avenue just south of All Saints Episcopal Church, Tanya and others like her who are going through similar circumstances are provided services and a residence.

However, residents at this center enjoy options that many other shelters don't offer. One major difference is Dayspring's Wellspring Center which provides transitional housing for those who meet the qualifications for Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black GR-14. These residents have a two-year maximum stay with the center to get their lives on the right track. Only a small amount of rent is required for payment on their part.

Dayspring is one of two emergency facilities that provide shelter and services for single parent families. These services include, but are not limited to, helping individuals continue their education, whether it is on the high school or college level.

Tonya Gartin, Dayspring's manager of shift Graham Chronofighter Oversize Diver GR-1, said, "We encourage education for all residents. Knowing how to survive independently depends upon having a skill that can provide income to support families."

With education being a stepping stone for success, Dayspring recognizes that education is not the only thing that ensures residents won't end up in a homeless shelter again.

Dee Bailey, director for Dayspring, said, "Mental health is a key issue in the fight against homelessness. People going through displacement from their homes usually experienced some tragic situation that caused them to be homeless. Those issues must be addressed and resolved to ensure success."

To Dayspring, addressing these issues means support groups for victims of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and participation in community programs sponsored by the many organizations that team up to fight on the front lines and in the trenches in the battle against homelessness.

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