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Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-191 Posté le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09h46

Party invitations began trickling in 2002 after W magazine published a photograph of Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-122. Jones in jeans and a tank top at the opening of Alexander McQueen's new store. Through Mr. Posen, Ms. Jones met Ms. Beracasa, who then made the introduction to top Italian fashion house Fendi.

"We like Genevieve, who is bright and classy," says Paige Pederson, Fendi's New York publicist. "With a celebrity, you have less control where it gets seen. But these girls are the best ambassadors. They are so happy to speak well of the house."

In high fashion, all roads lead to Vogue, which in March featured Ms. Jones as its "Girl Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-136 the Moment," showing her in seven different party pictures. The magazine spread, which put Ms. Jones firmly on the society map, came three years after Ms. Jones met Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's editor at large. At a party at the New York apartment of designer Donna Karan, "she just stepped in front of me and started dancing with me, just like that," recalls Mr. Talley, who says Ms. Jones looked "sensational" in tight jeans and a baby-doll top.

Last year, during New York fashion week, Ms. Jones ran into Mr. Talley again after the Calvin Klein show. Ms. Jones, who wanted to change into a Zac Posen outfit before the designer's show, invited Mr. Talley back to her apartment, where she ordered Chinese food. He marveled at her decor, closets full of Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-191 labels and 300 pairs of shoes. "She is one of those mysterious, New York girls who just shows up on the scene," Mr. Talley says.

From there, Mr. Talley took Ms. Jones to a party at the penthouse of Mariah Carey, where he introduced her to Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa. On the spot, Mr. Costa told her he would love her to wear his clothes. A few loaners later, Ms. Jones says she was happy to "lend support to Francisco" during a special event at the Calvin Klein boutique in May, in which customers order pieces from a designer's collection. Ms. Jones modeled the samples and flitted about for photographers. She bought a top and pair of pants for herself.

Today, Ms. Jones spends mornings auditioning designer outfits in front of her Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-203, exchanging Web-cam images with her friend Ms. Roitfeld. From her two closets and armoire, she pulls the latest $2,000-plus runway frocks, which she either buys at deep discount or borrows or receives as gifts from the likes of Calvin Klein, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen or Mr. Posen. "My body allows me to be adventurous," says Ms. Jones, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 100 pounds. After Ms. Jones is photographed in an outfit, she puts it in storage.

Derek Blasberg, a 24-year-old free-lance fashion journalist whom she calls her best friend, says he sometimes pushes her toward work and studies. On her behalf, he gathered applications to fashion schools. "But she won't fill them out," he says. "I would just like her to do so much more with her life."

Ms. Jones shifts back and forth from being all-consumed by her current lifestyle to Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-204 ready to move on. "I can't just do this forever," she says. She has mentioned taking courses this fall in computer design for interiors and says she will sign up for French lessons.

For the time being, the hubbub surrounding New York fashion week has been foremost on her mind. "I haven't reached my full potential in this little game," she says. She would like to nab a formal fashion contract.

"I'm going to hold out," she says, "and wait for something really good."


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