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Discount Hublot Posté le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09h42

Richard Chai: Richard Chai continued at a strong and steady clip for fall with a sportswear collection that was tight (less than 30 looks) and complete. The mood was fairly casual. A bounty of earthy knits and shirting paired with slouchy slim trousers, which he tweaked in leather, silk, wool and brocade. They were streetwise but not too downtown. Elsewhere, he added shape to a series of washed silks with curving seams, which were also put to great use on terrific shearling coats and vests. Almost everything was hearty enough Discount Girard-Perregaux the now rare proper winter. But before things got too cozy, five versions of a printed silk chiffon dress fluttered out, light as air.

That's because Hepburn was more than an actress -- she was also a woman of unforgettable style. Many of her classic looks were born onscreen, of course, but her fashion influence moved beyond the movies and remains fresh today, seen everywhere from the Champs Elysees to the streets of Sacramento.

What do trendsetters have to say about Hepburn and her fashion sense -- and what women can still learn from her?

"She was effortless in the way she dressed":

Simon Ungless, director of graduate fashion at the Academy of Art Discount Glashutte in San Francisco

Through her movies, Hepburn stood in stark contrast to more voluptuous stars of her day, such as Marilyn Monroe.

"Her look did not scream 1950s or 1960s because there was nothing extreme in the way she styled herself," Ungless says.

Indeed, Hepburn epitomized the word "gamine" after her 1953 breakthrough role in "Roman Holiday."

She made the understated little black dress a big must-have in "Discount Graham at Tiffany's."

And her simple, skinny black pant, black top and flat black shoes in "Funny Face" prompted the Gap to relaunch the bohemian look in September 2006.

Fast-forward to spring 2008, and we continue to see Hepburn's cropped pants and ballet flats as major fashion trends.

The secret? Hepburn's look has always been "attainable," says Ian MacKintosh, who handles public relations for the Academy of Art University.

And as a result, he says, it is a look that is sought by consumers and copied by Discount Hamilton.

"Season after season (for instance), they (designers) are modifying the black dress for their collections," MacKintosh says.

"She knew what looked good on her":

Liz Galindo, a costume designer for films

Hepburn's professional relationship with French designer Hubert de Givenchy was legendary in Hollywood.

It started with the 1954 film "Sabrina," when Hepburn asked Givenchy to supplement part of her movie wardrobe with his own fashions. (Famed costume designer Edith Head was the movie's credited designer.)

From there, Givenchy quickly became Hepburn's primary stylist for films, including "Discount Hublot Face," "Love in the Afternoon," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Charade," "Paris When It Sizzles" and "How To Steal a Million."

Galindo, who started her career as a fashion designer in Sacramento, is making her own mark as a costume designer for films. (She worked with head designer Mark Bridges on this year's Oscar-nominated "There Will Be Blood.") She says an understanding of what looks good -- and how to get it -- was key for Hepburn.



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