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IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-72 Posté le Lundi 14 Février 2011 à 09h19

SARAH IS WEARING Antonio Melani turquoise wrap top, $129; Antonio Metani brown jacket, $199; Antonio Melarti brown skirt, $99; Gianni Bini Jersey snake shoes, $89; Erica Lyons turquoise earrings, $9; Turquoise bracelet, $30. Available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

At 25 years old, Sarah Frankel felt like she was 80. She was overweight, spending her time IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-96 on the couch and eating poorly. She had struggled with her weight for years, even when she played volleyball in high school, but now something was different. "Something in my head just clicked," she says. "I just did a complete lifestyle overhaul." A library assistant at UofL, Sarah took advantage of the employee "Get Healthy Now" program, which provides an on-site gym, personal trainers, and nutritionists. Through exercise and healthy eating, Sarah dropped 70 pounds in 2007. Two years later, she walks past panes of glass and still doesn't recognize herself. "I feel like I'm someone different," she says. She and her husband, Josh, both grew up in Louisville and enjoy being surrounded by family. Now, the 27-year-old is even taking advantage of the closeness to get her family fit. She trained for several months with two of her aunts and IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-99 mom, and this spring the group completed the Triple Crown walk. "It made them feel good about themselves," Sarah says. She keeps the weight off by eating well, walking, doing yoga, and running. She has participated in several 5K races and a mini-marathon. She believes staying positive is the key to, well, everything. "Happiness comes from not letting the little things bother you too much," she says. "Don't beat yourself up too much." Sarah attended a mission trip to Nicaragua where she worked in a medical clinic. She was shocked by the juxtaposition of the impoverished population and the SUV-owning wealthy IWC Big Pilots Automatic IW-79 the poor country. "Every now and then I think about seeing the way some people have to live," she says as she shakes her head.

"It can be stressful at times, but I like knowing that I'm at least letting people who are surviving domestic violence or sexual assault have a place to go."

ASHLEY is wearing. Jan Warnock purple silk blouse, $220; Michael Kors jacket, $170; IWC Big Pilots Automatic IW-84 bermuda short, $82; Rebecca Hook leaf necklace, $184. Available at Croquis Boutique, 1201 Herr Lane Suite 140, 502.425.7212. Gianni Bini Eye Candy tweed shoes, $89 and headband, $13, available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

Ashley Haering has traveled to as many countries as years she's been alive. Holding a bachelor's degree from UofL in Sociology and a master's degree from the University of London in Human Rights, Ashley is a legal advocate for the Center for Women and Families. While in London, she worked directly with victims of domestic violence with Refuge, a UK organization offering assistance to women and children. Now back in Louisville, she is taking steps to restart the local chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW), and is the Big Sister (with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Louisville) to a lucky 9year-old. And she is only 25! "Everything up to this point has been an accomplishment," she said. "Everything has built up to where I am." And to where she's going. Ashley dreams of one day influencing women's issues by affecting policy change on a national scale. "I'm just trying to build up enough experience so that I can one day do something. You feel like you're only putting a IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-72-aid on the problem. I'm trying to work to a point where I can try to change things." Her lifelong dedication to women's issues took her to India for a month while researching for her dissertation, a study of sex-selection abortion. Her studies abroad, she believes, have made her more internationally conscious. She isn't opposed to relocating in the future if it will increase her power to instigate policy change, however for now she's enjoying her 20s with her family (she's the oldest of five children) in Louisville.

"I think I've always known I've wanted to work in a public sector or for a nonprofit because that way I can make a direct impact in peoples' lives."



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