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IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-55 Posté le Lundi 14 Février 2011 à 09h20

Legendary Spanish design house presents high-end jewellery in the epic Art Noveau and Art Deco styleDamas, the world renowned jeweller, unfurls the magical collections of the legendary Barcelona based Spanish jewellery house, Bagues Masriera such as necklaces, pendant chains, drop earrings, brooches IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-40 rings. Combining 18k gold, diamonds, precious stones and highly specialised enamel work dating over two centuries ago and backed by the timeless legacy of master jeweller Lluis Masriera (1872-1958), this acclaimed brand presents two stunning options as adornment, for womenMasriera's captivating Art Noveau and Art Deco collections featuring nature and ethereal beings and Bagues' stunning, highly contemporary jewellery collections such as Vitralis, Menorca, Mosaic and Viatge.

Tawhid Abdullah, Managing Director, Damas Jewellery commented, "IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-41 goldsmith and modernist painter, Lluis Masriera's enthralling creations pushed the frontiers of creativity. So they forever remain a reference point in jewellery art. One of its missions is to revive Masriera's rich historical legacy of more than 4,000 drawings, moulds, dies and pieces by the maestro and preserve it as part of the collections in international museums. Besides this it also brings out re-editions of classic pieces which still continue to be produced in Barcelona. As the Middle East has always had a unique appreciation of jewellery art, particularly women of the region have displayed their admiration for its exclusive high end creations."

If you have ever wondered whether art can be translated into jewellery, IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-54 look at Masriera's magical and breathtaking array of collections is what it takes to be convinced. Flowers, plants, insects, birds, ethereal beings like fairies come alive in captivating essence...claiming their rightful distinction as 'jewellery-art'. Two of its most famous pieces include the fairy brooch featuring a shy, ethereal being with her wings spread out elegantly and the other is its charming butterfly pendant. In them, 18k gold settings, brilliant cut diamonds, fired enamel, cultured pearls and rubies fuse in delicate yet detailed artistry with superb enamel work imparting an unbelievable transparency and light to them. Transformed into bewitching works of art they pay grand tribute both to femininity and nature

The secret to their magic is the traditional enamel work technique still in use for IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-55 two hundred years handed down through the Masriera workshops that allows the brand to capture the colour, light, as well as the unique cultural ambience of the Mediterranean. The brand's highly skilled crafts people specialise in the plique--jour and basse-taille techniques often called as 'fire enamelling' and 'air enamelling.' Employing the 'vitrail effect' each piece is handmade from start to finish, and takes up to six to seven weeks to craft.

Its Masriera Deco collection celebrates the precision and infinite possibilities of geometrical beauty in a striking array of jewels blending yellow gold, brilliant and carre cut diamonds, with emerald cut aquamarines and fire enamel. Light, architectural elements burst to life with blue recalling the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean and gold capturing the beauty of sunlight bouncing on its waves.

Bagues Masriera is the collaboration between the legendary house Masriera and IWC Big Pilots Watch IW-73, a family company dedicated to jewellery making which was founded in 1917. In 1985 the two companies merged, and both brands began to operate jointly. Masriera represents the modernist jewellery known internationally as Art Nouveau, and has a very clearly defined style based on the legacy of its acclaimed maestro Lluis Masriera, who paid brilliant homage to the Wagnerian universe. On the other hand, Bagus collections are highly contemporary and excitingly innovative.

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