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Elsa Peretti Open Heart bangle Posté le Mardi 15 Février 2011 à 09h50

Topnotch professionals and students will get the chance to win cash and prizes totaling $2,500 and a spot on the cover of Cutz Hair magazine during the Mid-South Beauty and Barbershop Bash Student and Professional Competition at the Marriott East, Thousand Oaks location on Sunday, Tiffany 1837 interlocking circles bangle at 6 p.m.

Up-and-coming event coordinator and promoter Tiffany Gary, aka Tiffany G., is the bash generator. Gary is a local nail technician whose Memphis roots breathe a passion for the beauty industry.

Early on, Gary learned the value of hard work and determination, working as a shampooing girl in her mother's beauty shop. Today, she is driven twin desires: to see Memphis grow and to give beauticians and barbers an outlet to express themselves while having fun. Thus The Mid-South Beauty and Tiffany & Co. bangle Bash was born.

"This is my baby," said Gary. "I'm very proud of this showcase. Basically it is an outlet for local business owners and salons to show their style. It's a showcase and a competition this time, so everybody's not competing against each other."

Professionals, students and even those aspiring to make a name for themselves in hair have a legitimate shot at winning prizes and making it to the cover of Cutz Hair magazine.

Cutz Hair - a new publication - takes a local approach to stylistic trends, haircuts, Tiffany Somerset cuff and culture, focusing primarily in the tri-state area.

Various sponsors in food, drink and multimedia are playing parts in making the competition possible, including Nuvo - the world's first sparkling liquor, Spikner Embroidery and Screen Printing on Madison Avenue, and the Tri-State Defender.

After the event, the bash is not over. Winners and VIPs will be at the Zodiac Lounge Elsa Peretti Open Heart bangle Mt. Moriah from 10 p.m. - until. You too can party like a hair star for $5 with a ticket stub from the showcase.

Seasonal transitions can bring frantic thoughts to fashionistas who look in their closet and utter, "I have nothing to wear."

Well lucky for the budget-conscious among us (and who isn't?), some of last season's looks are still in, and to update your wardrobe, all you have to do is add accessories. A belt, a multi-stone cuff or pastel pearl necklaces should do the trick.

Still confused? Don't have time to flip through the pages of Vogue? A few local women's boutiques share this season's hottest trends.

Individual style is personal, but the shops agreed on some staple pieces Two Hearts triple bangle should be in everyone's closets, no matter your age or size. The looks that anyone can wear include dark leggings, bright colors -- yellow, orange and turquoise -- beaded accessories, tops with a sprinkle of sequins and a more classic-structured feminine style.




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