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wedding favors

wedding favors

wedding favors Posté le Mardi 3 Août 2010 à 11h35


Coming up with the perfect tables for your wedding involves a lot of work and can really make or break how your theme works out. You have to think about matching the wedding favors with the place card holders and all the other decorations at your wedding. So it's not all that surprising that sometimes people forget to consider the most important part of a wedding table - the centerpiece.

The centerpiece at your tables should be something very elegant and exquisite, something that adds height to your table without blocking the viewing range between guests so you don't put a stopper in conversations. You want all of your guests to be immensely impressed with your choice of centerpiece at the table. Well, there are obviously a lot of options and you need to hone in on what you really want as your theme and what kinds of centerpieces will work with that theme. Think about these following questions. Do I want something soft and traditional? Do I want something that's loud and spontaneous? What kind of personality do I have and how will I show that off to my guests?

Sometimes it's hard to pick the right centerpiece, but online shopping certainly makes it easier because you can sit down in your home and just pick out the most absolutely perfect centerpiece and have it delivered directly to your doorstep without any hassle at all. So, think about what you want to convey to your guests while you take a look at these few suggestions of the hundreds of selections available to you through online shopping.

Tiki Torch Centerpieces:

What a great way to keep away the bugs while adding the beautiful glow of a flame to all the tables at your outdoor or beach themed bridal shower favors. These tiki torches are made of real bamboo and have a wide base so that they will easily stand in the center of your table and give a really comfortable feeling to all of your guests sitting around it. The stem of the torch is decorated with hemp and sea shells to really make it a great functional addition to your decorations. These torches are sold in pairs of two so that it makes it even easier to order the perfect amount for your wedding tables.

Bowl Pedestal:

This clear bowl pedestal is shining with simple beauty and will add some sparkle to your wedding table especially if you put some candles in the center. You can surround a large pillar candle with any color flowers to match your theme. You can even try filling the bowl with some water and putting in floating tea lights for a kind of fantasy look that will really get the romance going. This will really bring some magic to the evening.

Fillable Glass Cylinder:

This set of three glass cylinders is the perfect way of adding some height variation into your table and since they are hollow glasses, you can play with height even more by filling each one with different colorful items or simply putting a couple of delicate flowers in each cylinder. These will make your guests ask questions about where you got the idea for such a great wedding centerpiece and they will be talking about them all night.

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