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Ma vie formidable

Formidable c'est vite dit

O genki desu ka? Posté le Mercredi 15 Octobre 2008 à 01h00

-Do you have a smoke? -A what ? A WHAT? Look at my nose, dripping some viruses from its nostrils, look at my whiter-than-white face and listen to my stressed tone, do I look to you like someone who can overcome her cold even if she could die to have one small fucking steam of cigarette? -Eeer no..." It has been five days that I quit smoking, not that I want to, I just caught a really nasty cold. Ok for those of you who did not know (really? You really really did not know?) I smoke. Today I got an interview for a job (welcome to the fabulous world of "we-love-you-but-you-do-not-have-enough-experience"). The man was speaking, speaking, speaking and after ten minutes, I realised that I did not hear anything of the last 5 minutes, nothing! Nothing! I was kind of nervous, because I don't even know what I was thinking about, I just switched off. "What do you think about it then? the man asked This is what we call a " moment de solitude" (solitary moment) -What do I think? What do I think? -Yes, said the man, eager to know -Well. I think. I think that this is good!! The man ensconced himself in his armchair, looking happy. -People who are motivated are the best!" Good!! I am motivated!! Wait a minute... Motivated for what??
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