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mes publications scientifiques Posté le Mardi 6 Mai 2008 à 20h01

Liste des publications internationales


2008.               Leignel V., Marchand J., Moreau B., Chénais B. (in press). Metallothionein genes from hydrothermal crabs (Bythograeidae, Decapoda) : Characterization, sequence analysis, gene expression and comparison with coastal crabs. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C Indice 2006 : 1,99.

2008.               Bui Q.T., Casse N., Leignel V., Nicolas  V., Chénais B. (in press). Widespread occurrence of mariner transposons in coastal crabs. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Indice 2006 : 3,5.

2007.               Leignel V., Cibois M., Moreau B., Chénais B. 396 (1): 84-92. Identification of new subgroup of HSP70 in Bythograeidae (hydrothermal crabs) and Xanthidae. Gene. 396, 84-92 Indice 2006 : 2,7.

2006.               Leignel V. and Laulier M. 142(1-2): 12-18. Isolation and Characterization of Mytilus edulis Metallothionein genes. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C. Indice 2006 : 1,99

2005.               Leignel V., Hardivillier Y. and Laulier M. May-Jun;7(3):236-44 Small metallothionein MT-10 genes in coastal and hydrothermal mussels. Marine Biotechnology. Indice 2006 : 2,4.

2004.               Hardivillier Y., Leignel V., Denis F., Uguen G., Laulier M. 139(1-3): 111-118 2004 Do organisms living around hydrothermal vent sites contain specific metallothioneins? The Case of the genus Bathymodiolus (Bivalvia, Mytilidae). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C Indice 2006 : 1,99.

2003.               Lefaux, S., Manceau, A., Benguigui, L., Campistron, I., Laguerre, A., Laulier, M., Leignel, V., Tremblin, G. Continuous automated measurement of carbon dioxide produced by microorganisms in aerobic conditions: application to proteic film biodegradation. C.R.A.S. Chimie. Indice 2002 : 0,555.

2002.               Denis, F., Vachoux, C., Gauvry, L., Leignel, V., Salin, C., Hardivillier, Y., Cosson, R., and Laulier, M. 43: 329-32. Characterization and expression of the Bathymodiolus sp. metallothionein gene. Cahier Biologie Marine. Indice 2006 : 0,49.

2002.               Silvestre A., Leignel V., Berrag B., Gasnier N., Humbert J.F., Chartier C., Cabaret J.  Sep-Oct;33(5):465-80. Review. Sheep and goat nematode resistance to anthelmintics: pro and cons among breeding management factors. Veterinary Research. Indice 2006 :3,15.

2002.               Leignel V., Cabaret J., Humbert J.F. Feb;88(1):135-40 New molecular evidence that Teladorsagia circumcincta (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidea) is a species complex. Journal for Parasitology. Indice 2006 : 1,78.

2001.               Leignel V., Humbert J.F.  Nov-Dec;92(6):503-6 Mitochondrial DNA variation in benzimidazole-resistant and -susceptible populations of the small ruminant parasite Teladorsagia circumcincta. Journal of  Heredity. Indice 2006: 1,94.

2001.               Humbert J.F., Cabaret J., Elard L., Leignel V., Silvestre A. Nov 22;101(3-4):405-14. Molecular approaches to studying benzimidazole resistance in trichostrongylid nematode parasites of small ruminants. Veterinary Parasitology. Review. Indice 2006 : 1,9.

2001.               Leignel V., Cabaret J. Sep;87(9):687-92 Are Teladorsagia circumcincta (Nematoda) morphs equally able to survive under anthelminthic treatment in sheep on pastures? Parasitology Research. Indice 2006 : 1,14.

2001.               Leignel V., Cabaret J. 15, 569-574 Massive use of chemotherapy influences life-traits of parasitic nematodes in domestic ruminants. Functional Ecology. Indice en 2006 : 3,147.

1997.               Leignel V., Humbert, J.F., Elard L. Aug;83(4):606-11 Study by ribosomal DNA ITS 2 sequencing and RAPD analysis on the systematics of four Metastrongylus species (Nematoda:Metastrongyloidea). Journal for Parasitology. Indice 2006 : 1,3.

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