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Ma Bulle A Moi

My WoRlD

My presentation... Posté le Jeudi 6 Décembre 2007 à 14h29


                                                ! Hello everybody ! 

               My name is Louise but my friends call me Loulou.My hair is brown and I've got brown eyes. Moreover I've got glasses. I am rather tall and slim.

I am curious, simple, generous and cheerful. I love shopping, listening to music (for example Jenifer, Aaron, Yael Naim, Maxim Nucci, Janis Joplîn, Amy Winehouse,...) ans reading books.But I hate science fiction, techno, rap,...

I live in Hailles, a small village between Lille and Paris in the North of France.

I have got one brother, his name is Henry. I go to school in Amiens and I take the train everyday. I'd love to meet Jenifer and have a good life with a good job.

Because I want to be a lawyer.

                                 Good visit....       




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