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Breitling Navitimer Chrono-Matic Quartz Chronograph BT-184 Publié le Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 08:29:44

Milton 238, Stugeon Bay/Sevastopol 184, DeForest 182, Plymouth 162, Sauk Prairie 141, Fort Atkinson 124, Shorewood 122.5, New Berlin Eisenhower 100.5, Elkhorn 95, Monona Grove 91.

Whitefish Bay 75, River Valley 66, Brown Deer/Milwaukee University 65, Grafton 65, Baraboo 61, River Falls 44, Madison Edgewood 44, Whitnall 43, Brookfield Academy 40, Marinette 39, Waukesha Memorial 34, Ashwaubenon 33, Berlin/Green Lake 30, Monroe 28, New Berlin West 28, Breitling Navitimer Chrono-Matic Quartz Chronograph BT-184 26, New London 23, Platteville/Lancaster 19, Port Washington 18, Wauwatosa West 16, Pewaukee 16, Tomahawk 14, Ladysmith 14, Lodi 13, Colby/Abbotsford 11, Whitewater 8, McFarland 6, Delavan-Darien 3.


Diving--1. Rachel Stave (Whitnall), 470.2 points; 2. Sierra Becker (River Falls), 370.3; 3. Sheridan Hearn (Madison Edgewood), 361.6; 4. Katelyn Zarem (Grafton), 346.85; 5. Hayley Seitz (Port Washington), 326.35; 6. Sigrid Stensvold (Ladysmith), 321.1.

200 medley relay--1. 1:48.72; 2. Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol, 149.32; 3. Sauk Prairie, 1:49.56; 4. Fort Atkinson, 1:50.93; 5. Monona Grove, 1:51.07; 6. Shorewood, 1:52.66; 11. Milton, 1:55..97.

200 freestyle--1. Kelsey Hojan-Clark (Brookfield Academy), 1:49.4; 2. Abby Breitling Navitimer Heritage Chronograph BT-202 (Milton), 1:54.78; 3. Chelsea Statz (DeForest), 1:55.2; 4. Casey Wolter (DeForest), 1:56.2; 5. Rachel Johnson (Elkhorn), 1:56.31; 6. Chelsea Calhoon (Milton), 1:57.22; 7. Ashley Nelson (Elkhorn), 1:57.37; 12. Hannah Johnson (Fort Atkinson), 2:00.27; 14. Emily Mansfield (Delavan-Darien), 2:00.71.

200 individual medley--1. Bridgette Alexander (Milton), 2:05.98; 2. Anna Meinholz (Waukesha Memorial), 2:08.02; 3. Ellen Stello (Shorewood), 2:08.58; 4. Sierra Townsend (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol), 2:09.49; 5. Kelsey Millin (Monon Grove), 2:11.26; 6. Allison Teske (Ashwaubenon), 2:11.93; 12. Alexis Kent (Fort Atkinson), 2:16.75; 14. Leanna Schwartzlow (Monroe), 2:17.62; 15. Callie Hebert (Whitewater), 2:18.5.

50 freestyle--1. Alli Bellford (New Berlin Eisenhower), 23.55; 2. Savanna Townsend (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol), 23.68; 3. Kristin Malone (Shorewood), 24.2; 4. Kate Criter (Plymouth), 24.22; 5. Emma Bare (Fort Atkinson), 24.39; 6. Annelise Sprau (Whitefish Bay), 24.41.

100 butterfly--1. Alison Meng (Sauk Prairie), 55.94; 2. Kelsey Breitling Navitimer Heritage Quartz Chronograph BT-185 (Monona Grove), 56.36; 3. Annelise Sprau (Whitefish Bay), 57.02; 4. Leah Winckler (DeForest), 58.84; 5. Siri Smits (Berlin/Green Lake), 59.08; 6. Katelyn Holmquist (Milton), 59.2; 8. Stacey Kincade (Milton), 1:00.63; 12. Rachel Root (Monroe), 1:01.29; 14. Cori Johnson (Elkhorn), 1:02.01.

100 freestyle--1. Savanna Townsend (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol), 52.48; 2. Sierra Townsend (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol), 52.75; 3. Kelsey Kohlbeck (Sauk Prairie), 52.98; 4. Kristin Malone (Shorewood), 53.01, Alli Bellford (New Berlin Eisenhower), tied, 53.01; 6. Chelsea Statz (DeForest), 53.03; 7. Abby Holmquist (Milton), 53.13; 9. Rachel Johnson (Elkhorn), 53.61; 14. Hannah Johnson (Fort Atkinson), 55.3.

500 freestyle--1. Kelsey Hojan-Clark (Brookfield Academy), 4:48.8; 2. Ellen Stello (Shorewood), 5:04.78; 3. Casey Wolter (DeForest), 5:07.84; 4. Elizabeth Buchholz (Kiel), 5:08.72; 5. Chelsea Calhoon (Milton), 5:12.83 6. Stacey Kincade (Milton), 5:13.3; 9. Ashley Nelson (Elkhorn), 5:20.75.

200 freestyle relay--1. Plymouth, 1:38.61; 2. Milton (Katelyn Holmquist, Bridgette Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant BT-4, Chelsea Calhoon, Abby Holmquist), 1:39.09; 3. Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol, 1:39.53; 4. New Berlin Eisenhower, 1:40.56; 5. River Valley, 1:40.68; 6. DeForest, 1:40.81; 7. Elkhorn, 1:41.26; 8. Fort Atkinson, 1:41.43.

100 backstroke--1. Alison Mong (Sauk Prairie), 55.91; 2. Katelyn Holmquist (Milton), 56.05; 3. Siri Smits (Berlin/Green Lake), 57.24; 4. Bridgette Alexander (Milton), 57.8; 5. Emily O'Rourke (Baraboo), 57.88; 6. Kelsi Chesney (Grafton), 59.4; 8. Rachel Root (Monroe), 1:00.2; 16. Nicki Smiley (Fort Atkinson), 1:03.54.

100 breaststroke--1. Kate Criter (Plymouth), 1:03.28; 2. Anna Meinholz (Waukesha Memorial), 1:03.68; 3. Emma Bare (Fort Atkinson), 1:04.74; 4. Taylor Crain (New London), 1:07.24; 5. Marlee Kiander (Tomahawk), 1:08.12; 6. Lucienne VandePas (Plymouth), 1:08.33; 9. Leanna Schwartzlow (Monroe), 1:09.38; 10. Kate Kirk (Milton), 1:10.64; 11. Callie Hebert (Whitewater), 1:10.79.

400 freestyle relay--1. Milton (Chelsea Calhoon, Katelyn Holmquist, Abby Breitling Navitimer Quartz BT-195, Bridgette Alexander), 3:34.16; 2. DeForest, 3:36.33; 3. Sauk Prairie, 3:37.73; 4. Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol, 3:39.14; 5. Fort Atkinson, 3:39.28; 6. Shorewood, 3:39.29; 7. Elkhorn, 3:39.91.

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Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-170 Publié le Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 08:29:18

--MADISON -- Has a Milton High dynasty begun in WIAA Division 2 girls swim?

Judging by their roster and the fact that the Red Hawks dominated the state meet here Friday night at the UW Natatorium, the answer might be an emphatic YES.

Milton, buoyed by freshman Bridgette Alexander's first-place finish in the 200-yard Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-170 medley and numerous other top-10 finishes, won the school's first state title with 238 points. Defending champion Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol was a distant second with 184.

Milton took the lead for good in the meet's eighth event when Chelsea Calhoon and Stacey Kincade finished fifth and sixth, respectively, in the 500 freestyle. The Red Hawks kept piling up the points in the last four events before ending the night in impressive fashion by winning the 400 freestyle relay.

Calhoon, Katelyn Holmquist, Abby Holmquist and Alexander won with a time of 3:34.16. The scary part for the competition is that the Holmquist twins are sophomores, and Alexander and Calhoon are only freshmen.

"It's funny, because we didn't really talk too much about winning state or what to Breitling for Bentley QUARTZ Chronograph BT-57 at state," said Milton first-year coach Kristin Lehman, who got the ceremonial shove into the pool afterward. "These girls have been to so many big meets before that they knew what to do. They handled the pressure like they always do.

"But it sure feels great now that we've won it. I was probably more nervous than them."

Alexander got the party started for the Red Hawks by winning the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:05.59. She became the second straight Milton swimmer to win the event, following current University of Wisconsin swimmer Jennah Haney's win a year ago. Haney was poolside Friday to cheer on her former school.

"I tried to all-out sprint the fly and the back to get a big enough lead for the Breitling Longitude Quartz Chrono BT-196, because that's my weakest stroke," Alexander said. "Once I saw what my lead was, I just wanted to kick as fast as I could to win."

The Red Hawks got their first significant points in the meet's second swim event--the 200-yard freestyle. Abby Holmquist finished second in the event with a time of 1:54.78, while Calhoon was sixth at 1:57.22.

Elkhorn's Rachel Johnson was fifth in the 200 freestyle with a time of 1:56.31.

Katelyn Holmquist scored valuable points for Milton by Breitling Longitude Quartz Chronometer BT-165 sixth in the 100 butterfly with a time of 59.2. Calhoon and Kincade added to Milton's total by finishing fifth and sixth, respectively, in the 500 freestyle.

Milton's 200 freestyle relay team of Katelyn Holmquist, Alexander, Calhoon and Abby Holmquit finished second after being the fourth seed. More importantly, the team finished one spot ahead of second-seeded Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol.

Fort Atkinson freshman Emma Bare was fifth in the 50 freestyle, while the Blackhawks' 200 medley relay team was fourth. Bare later finished third in the 100 breaststroke.

Katelyn Holmquist was second in the 100 backstroke, while Alexander was fourth. Katelyn also was sixth in the 100 backstroke.

So it was time to get fire truck ride ready in Breitling Longitude Quartz Chronometer BT-166. The city has another state champion.



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Breitling for Bentley BT-198 Publié le Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 08:28:59

--How many pair of jeans do you have in your closet? If you're like me, probably far more than you need. But even with loads of jeans, I probably wear only four pairs of them regularly. Most of my jeans seemed to fit only the day I purchased them, or they were such a great bargain that I mentally made them fit to justify the buy.

On a recent visit to Gloss, the denim bar up at the Promenade Shops at Briargate, I got some tips from store owner Lisa Borden on how to buy jeans.

First, give yourself plenty of time. This way you can try on a wide array of styles, Breitling for Bentley BT-147, colors and sizes. Next, wear the right shoes. Bring your high heels as well as your flats while you are trying on to end up with pairs of jeans that suit both. Finally, keep an open mind, Borden says. Go ahead and try on that pair of skinny jeans -- which, by the way, actually refers to the cut of the jeans not the person wearing them. You might be surprised how fantastic you look in them. By the end of your jean journey, you might come to the realization that you're going to have to spend more money, but isn't having a pair of jeans that don't sag or hang off of your back or make your butt look like a box priceless?

If you're in the market for some chic shopping this weekend, head downtown to Kirk & Hill, 129 N. Tejon St. Beginning Thursday, the store will have a trunk show featuring New York-based Lafayette 148. Named for its Manhattan street address, this line is known for its luxurious, elegant designs -- including cashmere sweaters with fur collars and beaded feather skirts. There are some really gorgeous pieces in this collection; you don't want to miss it. Show ends Saturday.


Leopard- Print Coat

$149 at Regina's Boutique, 119

You can never go wrong with animal prints as long as you do it right. This Breitling for Bentley BT-148 coat is a perfect example. It's a button-up, three-quarter length, with a slight A-line cut, thus slimming the waist. Pair it with a black turtleneck and a well-fitted pair of jeans and you've got a classic look for many occasions. Sizing runs XS-XL.

True Religion "Becky Chainball" Jeans

$240 at Gloss, The Promenade Shops at Briargate, 1845 Briargate Parkway.

Aside from the great gold-embellished pockets, there are more reasons that make these True Religion jeans a top-seller. They are made with only 1 percent spandex, so they'll provide you the little give you need without being loose and saggy by day's end. The wider cut of the leg adds proportion to Breitling for Bentley BT-198 your legs and shoulders, thus giving you a slimmer, more tailored look. The dark wash goes great with autumn colors.

Lampe Berger Luxury Home- Fragrance Lamp

$79 at What's In Store, 125

Forget about those home-fragrance products that you plug into the wall. Lampe Ber-gers are elegant oil-burning lamps that keep your home scented for hours. But the great thing is the wide variety of lamps available to match any decor. Currently there are more than 120 lamp designs and 42 custom fragrances. Even Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-161 Chanel had a few. Oils for lamp are sold separately.

Hemptress Vegan "Sonja" Hemp Clutch

Aside from having great style capabilities, this handbag offers a few more reasons to love it. It's primarily made from hemp and recycled leather, and has a very contemporary look. The shoulder strap is just long enough to tuck under your arm comfortably. The dyes used on it are low-impact dyes and the zipper even comes from recycled materials. Cute and eco-friendly, you can't lose.

Spare Pair

Commuter Shoes

$10 at Target Stores

Where have these been all my life? They would have saved me from the countless Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-162 my fabulous shoes made my feet feel as though I'd been walking through hot rocks all day. These little godsends are flexible ballet flats that roll up and fit conveniently into your handbag. They come in silver or black and have their own discreet carrying case. When your feet give up, now you can pull out your emergency shoes and still look stylish.


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Breitling for Bentley BT-124 Publié le Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 08:28:38

The Camas Papermakers made school history in dramatic fashion Saturday night at Doc Harris Stadium with a defensive stand in the red zone to earn their program's first victory in the state playoffs.

Kyle Goodnow slowed the play, then a host of Camas defenders swarmed Juanita's Jeremiah Laufasa on a fourth-down play inside the 10-yard line with 21 seconds remaining, preserving a 20-13 victory for the Papermakers.

Camas (11-0), the lone team from Clark County remaining in the playoffs, will Breitling for Bentley BT-123 Lakes of Lakewood next week in the Class 3A state quarterfinals.

"It's amazing. It's a great thing for this team to accomplish," said senior lineman Odin Coe. "We've worked so hard to achieve a state championship, so it doesn't stop here. It's a great win. Celebrate for a little bit, then move on to the next game."

The Camas defense was up to the challenge all night, refusing to allow the Rebels to score. Juanita of Kirkland scored on a defensive touchdown and on a return of a blocked field goal.

The only time the Rebels got close to scoring from an offensive drive was that final charge of the game.

But no way. Not against these Papermakers.

While the defense had its way all game, the Camas offense got enough done against Juanita's defense.

Junior quarterback Tony Gennaro, in his second career start, threw for 207 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner to Jeremy Faulkner with 7:09 left in the game.

The Rebels had just tied the game after Andre Casino blocked a Camas field Breitling for Bentley BT-124 and Cody Treddenbarger recovered the ball and returned it 70 yards for the score with 8:29 left.

The Papermakers went straight to attack mode. Gennaro found Brent Hill on a deep ball for 36 yards. On a third-and-11 play, Gennaro connected with Miguel Salamanca for 12 yards to extend the drive. Then a quick ball fake got the defense to bite, and Faulkner was all alone in the end zone for a 9-yard touchdown.

Not bad for a new starter, filling in for injured all-league quarterback Logan Grindy.

"Logan's been the leader here. I'm just glad I could step up and do the job," Gennaro said.

That last throw of his looked too easy. Gennaro threw his arm in the air to celebrate before Faulkner caught the ball.

"He was just so wide open. I knew he would catch it," Gennaro said.

"We pretty much set that play up the whole game," Breitling for Bentley BT-128 said. "We were just waiting for the right time. It couldn't have been any better than that."

Juanita, in desperation mode, got four first downs on its last drive, including one fourth-down conversion.

There was a stoppage of play with about four minutes to go, giving the Camas defenders a chance to remind themselves at what was at stake.

"This is four minutes for the rest of our lives," linebacker Ikaika Gunderson said. "The crowd kept us in it. We fired off, got our reads, and took care of business."

With a first-and-10 from the Camas 14, Gunderson stopped Laufasa for no gain. John Payne followed with a shoestring tackle of Jyran McNairy for a four-yard gain that would have gone for more without Payne's play. On third down, Faulkner stayed home and held Derek Kaufman for a gain of one.

That set up fourth-and-5 from the 9-yard line.

"I could hear my heart beating," linebacker Javon Ingram said.

"I live for that kind of situation. I love the pressure," Breitling for Bentley BT-146 lineman Odin Coe said.

Goodnow got there, followed by nine or 10 of his friends, holding Laufasa to a 2-yard gain -- three yards short of a first down.

Party time in Camas.

"Just gotta believe," Ingram said. "Read the keys, trust your teammates, trust the man next to you. Don't give up and fight to the ball. I didn't see one guy who was not there in that play."

"That's just Camas defense," Gunderson said. "We rally to the ball. We've rallied to the ball all year."

Camas coach Jon Eagle said it was all about the defense tonight. Juanita came into the game averaging more than 300 rushing yards per game. The Rebels got 152 in this game, led by Laufasa's 126 yards on 30 carries.

"It was one of the best defensive performances I've ever seen," Breitling for Bentley BT-147 said.

"It hasn't sunk in at all. This is new territory for us," Eagle added. "I'm just really proud of the kids. They beat a very, very, very good football team tonight."



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Breitling Chronomatic Quartz Chrono BT-211 Publié le Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 08:28:18

Logsdon said he traveled the backcountry for years and never carried a gun, unless he was hunting with friends or his three sons. A game warden friend convinced him it would be a good idea to carry a handgun because he's out in the woods so much of the time. He bought a .44 magnum, but said he never shot it more than a dozen times in 15 years, and that was only for target practice.

"I feel as safe out in the woods as anywhere, maybe safer," he said. "It's very peaceful."

When people ask him when he first started riding a horse, Logsdon said he Breitling Chronomat Quartz Chrono BT-224 truthfully tell them he grew up on a horse. He has a photo to prove it. It's of his mother on horseback with him in a sling around her shoulder. He was 3 months old. He was born in 1922 on his father's ranch near Inchelium on the Colville Indian Reservation.

He traveled to California while in his teens and signed up with Franklin Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps around 1940, working on trails in the Sierra National Forest.

He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1942 and was sent to the South Pacific to battle the Japanese during World War II. He never saw combat, but was wounded when an enemy artillery shell hit a nearby tree. A coconut fell from the tree and hit Logsdon, breaking his leg. He spent nearly two years in a military hospital when the leg became infected and he contracted elephantiasis, which caused an enormous swelling of his leg.

"I always felt bad about that because I was in the hospital where I saw a lot of guys Breitling Chronomatic Quartz Chrono BT-211 the war who were a heck of a lot worse off than I was," he said. The infection eventually responded to treatment, but Logsdon spent half his military service in a hospital.

He moved to Wenatchee after his discharge. Within a few years he had found a job and a wife. The couple had four children and bought a small orchard near Peshastin. The marriage ended in divorce after 15 years. Logsdon said his wife didn't enjoy the rural life with him away driving a truck during the day and out in the Breitling Crosswind Calendar Automatic BT-216 working until dark.

Logsdon made an agreement with his ex-wife to pay her child support but he kept the children, three boys and a girl between 4 and 12 years old at the time. It was an unusual step at the time. Logsdon moved in with his mother, who offered to help. The house was tiny and way too small for six people, but they made do. He would take the kids out hiking and horseback riding in the woods whenever he could. He found his own place after a few years, but moved back to his mother's house several years after she died and the children had grown.

Logsdon said he doesn't go out in the woods for long trips by Breitling Crosswind Calendar BT-222 much anymore. But he's always ready to go out with others or if his Forest Service friends call for help.

He stays fit by hiking two miles every day. For entertainment, he reads. He trades books with friends, but has read many favorite titles three or four times.

Thompson, his Forest Service friend, said Logsdon still moves with the energy and limberness of a man 20 years younger.

"I like to stay active. It always makes me feel a lot better," he said. "I don't know if I'll Breitling Crosswind Quartz Chronometer BT-193 it to 90 or not. I hoped I'd make it to 75. When I did that I thought I'd make it to 80. I felt pretty good, so I'd try to get to 85. Now, it's just one day at a time."




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