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Tiffany 1837 Bead bracelet Publié le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09:23:44

Ms. Wolkoff has mastered the art of the stacked statement necklace. When combining three or even four star pieces at once, one must let each item shine but also work as part of a larger composition. The key is the off-center placement of each flourish, which creates an artful, elegant composition.

Sunburst Crystal Necklace with Brass Chains, Vera Wang; Lanvin Tiffany 1837 Bead bracelet.

Clothing Stylist

Lisa Tobias

It's good to mix silver and gold -- and even genres -- when donning a mash of charms. Try combining styles such as feminine '50s costume pieces with refined diamonds, and a unisex vintage find like Ms. Tobias's 1896 Indian head coin.

Fine Jewelry Dagger with Diamonds, House of Waris; Star Necklace, Elizabeth Atlas pendant Jewelry.

Interior Designer

Jennifer Vaughn Miller, Vaughn Miller Studios

Ms. Miller illustrates the magic of mixing found antiques such as her monogrammed silver locket and crest with delicate modern fine jewelry. Note the perfectly measured variation of each of the four chain lengths. They all hit just above the bust line, but each occupies its own level.

Antique Watch Chain; Antique Engraved Locket and Chain; Small Pave Mako Necklace, Heart lock charm pendant Jewelry; Antique Crest and Chain.

Gallery Director

Mariko Munro, 303 Gallery

If you're aiming for a provocative look, layering avant-garde or punk styles with traditional tribal jewelry makes for an eclectic statement. When staggering the length of the necklaces, Ms. Munro employs a technique of combining one long (but never below the belly button) strand with others that reach the Butterfly pendant line.

Ethiopian Prayer Bead Necklace, Beads of Paradise; Tubular Necklace, Alexandra Cassaniti; Sterling Victorian Graduated Chain, Anna de Courcy.

sources (the same ones who were afraid to talk on the telephone) announced under strict secrecy that "in the guise of a fashion photographer, [Juan Lazaro] travelled all over Latin America, developing acquaintances among politicians and businessmen on the way," that his wife Vicky Pelaez was an "influential journalist," and that Vasenkov's acquaintances included "high-ranking functionaries from the left wing of the US Democratic Party."

On 8 January 2003 Lazaro informs Pelaez that he will pass on a text written in "invisible" writing. On 17 April 2002 he tells his wife that "at the beginning of the war we moved to Siberia," and on 6 May 2003 Lazaro reports that he is "receiving a radiogram" from "over there." So the assertion by Kommersant's source that "even after Two Hearts pendant him the American special services were powerless to prove a link between the suspect and the Russian intelligence service" is puzzling. And Don Juan's behaviour in the cell is highly reminiscent of Don Quixote's behaviour. I do not know about the broken ribs, but think about it: For 10 years the American special services had been documenting every move by the "valuable illegal."

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Tiffany Blue box bracelet Publié le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09:23:22

Music Director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra for nearly 30 years

Sweet Seventeen: The Hilton Tel Aviv. For 40 years this non-chain-feeling hotel has been my second home. The Mediterranean views from the 17th floor's Executive Lounge are sensational. For those who eat Kosher, the King Solomon restaurant has great dishes. Independence Park.

Sea-and-be-Scene: Mul-Yam. Tel Aviv's power spot, it's a slim sea-front bistro where Atlas tag pendant seal deals in a medley of languages. Seafood arrives daily from around the world. It's the best restaurant in Israel. Hangar 24, Tel Aviv Port.

Insider's Archive: Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Jerusalem's Israel Museum may be better known, but this is the cultural focal point of Tel Aviv. There's a giant Roy Lichtenstein mural in the foyer, custom-made for the space. In 2011, its $100-million expansion opens. 27 Shaul HaMelech Blvd.

Mellifluous Space: The Frederic R. Mann Auditorium. It's home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, but it's also a vital part of architectural history. Leonard Bernstein conducted its first concert in 1957.

Harmonious Eats: Messa. Minimalist -- with a white-on-white marble dining room -- it's one of the city's first great "Atlas tag pendant" restaurants. Chef Aviv Moshe turns out stellar charcoal-grilled eggplant and goose-liver carpaccio. It's all very grown-up.

The Brasserie M + R: Open 24 hours, this Parisian-style bistro buzzes with Tel Aviv's media, culture and political elite. The daily set lunch menus are the best bargains in town. 70 Ibn Gvirol St., 011 972 3 696 7111

Jaffa Port: It was here that Jonah set forth on his fateful encounter with that whale; five millennia later the port is Tel Aviv at its Levantine best.

Herbert Samuel: Cutting-edge design, luxe Mediterranean menu and prime sea-view Tiffany Blue box bracelet. It's barely three years old and already a classic.

The Beach: Nine miles of sandy, pristine shoreline bordering the city, with a pedestrian promenade and colorful power-walk to rival Venice Beach's. Runs along entire city from north to south

Olia: Tel Aviv's first premium olive-oil brand stocks 11 signature oil varieties from throughout Israel along with a complete range of olive oil-based soaps, tapenades and vinaigrettes.Selecting the right winter hat is a lot like finding your soulmate: You're looking for The One. Or at least something you won't mind being stuck with until winter's end.

You want to find the style that reflects your personality -- and that doesn't wear you. If you make the wrong choice, your life won't be ruined, but your outfit certainly will be.

Winter hats are often one size fits all, but the same can't be said for style. More than just a practical necessity (40% of one's body heat is said to evaporate from the head), hats should be picked the way you might a tie, fragrance or apartment -- as an extension and expression of yourself. You'll know your Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet when you see it. So don't settle. It never makes things easier.


The old-fashioned newsboy cap looks good with a topcoat or overcoat. This style, as well as the fedora, is great for conservative types.

This trapper hat evokes a rugged, plain-spoken, stubble-faced kind of guy. Best worn with relaxed-fit denim or corduroy, heavy hunting boots and thick gloves.

If you're a creative type who's onto the coolest new bands, bars and Peace Sign Bead bracelet, the beanie hat is so you, dude.

The Elder Statesman Cashmere Rib Knit Cap, $235, Barneys New York, NYC.


This all-American collegiate ski hat mixes well with a wax cotton jacket and a button-down shirt. It's also great on the slopes.


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Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle pendant Publié le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09:23:01

Israeli-born fashion designer of an eponymous womenswear label; frequent Tel Aviv visitor

BoHo B&B: Nina Cafe Suites Hotel. This tiny five-bedroom inn kicked off Tel Aviv's boutique boom when it opened in 2005. Decorated with Parisian antiques and located in the artsy Neve Tzedek district, it's posh and funky. 29 Shabazi St.

Mod-Med Menu: Catit. Inside a restored Ottoman-era mansion, Chef Meir Adoni's Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle pendant restaurant serves local and visiting foodies, including Paul McCartney, who had his own veggie menu. Heichal Hatalmud 4.

Fab Finds: The Jaffa Flea Market. My favorite shopping spot in the city, particularly for Eastern Europe vintage clothing and accessories, this market retains its Levantine atmosphere. The prices are so low you wonder if the sellers know what they've got. I always pop by the nearby Abulafia Bakery for pitas and pastries. Abulafia: 7 Yefet St., Jaffa

Forward Fashions: Mirit Weinstock. The designer interned for Alexander McQueen before returning home to start her own line. 20 Shnizler St.

Design House: Kastiel. The Kastiel family has been designing modern and luxurious Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle pendant for three generations. Their Tel Aviv flagship reflects the heritage. Half the building's a restored Bauhaus warehouse, the other a renovated Ottoman-era corral. 36 Alfasi St.


Etgar Keret

Tel Aviv--based novelist and filmmaker; winner of 2007 Camera D'Or for "Jellyfish"

Urban Mix: Meir Park. Tel Aviv has many small hangout parks. This is my favorite. It's filled with a crazy mix of stroller-pushing moms and the odd drunk Russian philosopher -- a part of Tel Aviv most tourists don't see. 35 King George St. at Tchernichovsky St.

Bar 'Keeper': Cafe Michal. This French cafe is a great neighborhood spot: cakes, Elsa Peretti Infinity Cross pendant dishes and perhaps the handsomest bartender in the city. The counter's always packed with pretty girls. 230 Dizengoff St. at Jabotinsky, 011 972 3 5230236

Lookout: Manta Ray. Right on Alma Beach, with amazing views of Jaffa to the south and the skyline to the north. I don't go there for the cuisine. But the tapas platters are piled with Middle Eastern mezzes like couscous salad and tehina. Alma Beach.

Beach Boite: LaLa Land. Most Tel Aviv beach bars are pretty lousy: great location, but bad music and food. But LaLa Land keeps it simple with small dishes like hummus served beachside. The atmosphere is relaxed. Sunset paradise. Gordon Beach, 011 972 3 5293303

Children's Hour: Flea Market (Dizengoff Circle). It's small, clean and great for kids -- a contained world. I take my son to look for old records, mostly musicals and classic Hebrew albums. Dizengoff Circle


Ron Arad

Israeli-born, London-based architect and industrial designer

Museum Row: Holon Arts Quarter. The Holon area has gone from unremarkable suburb to Elsa Peretti Starfish pendant hub. That includes the Children's Museum, the Mediatheque and the Design Museum, which I designed. Design Museum Holon, 8 Pinhas Eilon St.

Inn Spot: Hotel Montefiore. This 12-room hotel is in city's historic core. A circa-1922 mansion, it's stylish and has a good-looking crowd, great balconies and a tasty pan-Asian bistro. 36 Montefiore St.

Waterfront Scene: Comme il Faut Cafe. You feel the city's self-love closer to the sea, at places like Old Port. Now renovated, the waterfront overflows with outdoor cafes. I love the salads at the Comme il Faut Cafe, owned by the fashion label of the same name. Hangar 26.

Bauhaus-by-the-Shore: The White City. It's not exactly white, but this important quarter is home to the world's most extensive collection of Bauhaus architecture, over 4,000 buildings in all. Rothschild Blvd., Ahad Ha'am St. and Balfour St.

Modern Love: Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. The Tel Aviv Museum has a satellite Atlas pendant, The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, which I loved visiting as a child. The small, modernist space focuses mostly on young artists. 6 Tarsat Blvd..


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Elsa Peretti Teardrop pendant Publié le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09:22:43

One of America's most prominent hedge funds is being probed by federal authorities, who are investigating whether the firm gave illegally preferential treatment to its founder and to some clients.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan are looking into whether Harbinger Capital Partners misled investors by failing to disclose in a timely fashion a $113 million personal loan it extended to founder Philip Falcone from the firm's funds, according to people Small Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant with the matter.

The authorities also are examining whether Harbinger improperly allowed some clients to withdraw money following the financial crisis while barring others from doing so, these people said.

In an interview, Mr. Falcone said Harbinger "did not give preferential treatment to any investor."

He said the personal loan was made in accordance with the terms of the fund and disclosed in the firm's audited financial statements for 2009. He said it "was reviewed by our accountants and outside legal counsel." Mr. Falcone said he has paid back more than $70 million of the loan, with the balance due in 2014. Also, he said the loan has been Elsa Peretti Teardrop pendant for investors, and was backed by his holdings in the fund.

Mr. Falcone declined to comment on whether he or the firm has been contacted by investigators. It is unclear whether the inquiries will lead to any legal action.

The parallel criminal and civil probes come as regulators are conducting a broad examination of hedge funds. Authorities are looking at trading by the private funds, which cater to sophisticated investors such as wealthy individuals, public pension funds and endowments. Also under scrutiny is the clout the funds have in markets and the methods they use to value their asset prices, which influence the fees they earn from clients.

The investigation is a potential black eye for Harbinger, known in the Elsa Peretti Round pendant for both its size and its role in pushing for corporate changes at companies where it holds a significant ownership stake, including New York Times Co.

In 2007, Harbinger scored gains betting against bonds backed by subprime mortgages. Investors flocked to the firm, helping it rise to $26 billion in assets in 2008 before it shrank from losses and client withdrawals. The firm now manages about $9 billion.

Harbinger's main fund has declined about 15% this year, a person familiar with the matter says, as the average hedge fund has seen positive returns. Some clients, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Blackstone Group, have recently put in withdrawal requests, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Falcone, a former Barclays trader, grew up in Minnesota and played hockey at Harvard University.

In 2008, like many hedge funds, Harbinger stumbled as its investments in energy, finance and other companies lost value and some investors sought to withdraw money. In 2009, as Harbinger's biggest funds rebounded, Mr. Falcone opened new funds and delved more deeply into deals in the telecommunications industry.

One focus of the investigation is the loan Harbinger executives authorized in late 2009 to help Mr. Falcone pay personal taxes, people familiar with the matter say. Mr. Falcone borrowed the funds from a Harbinger fund that had $2.5 billion in assets, while clients were barred from withdrawing money from the fund at the same time, according to fund documents and people familiar with the matter.

The SEC received investor complaints after Harbinger disclosed the loan in fund documents in March, according to people familiar with the matter. The agency's enforcement unit began an inquiry into the loan this summer, said one person. A concern is that investors weren't informed at the time Mr. Falcone borrowed the funds, the people say. Another issue is that the loan might have increased the risk of losses without clients' knowledge. The loan was reported in September by Bloomberg News.

Also at issue is whether clients were equally well-informed, including about risks to the funds, during the restructuring of Harbinger funds, according to people familiar with the matter.

One issue is whether some clients got different withdrawal terms than others, they say. It is unclear which clients are the focus of concern.

Last year, Harbinger executives were working to convince clients to keep their money in the firm's biggest funds. The discussions came after Harbinger suspended redemptions in the funds in December 2008 and set aside hard-to-sell holdings, according to investors.

In 2009, the firm also tightened rules about investor withdrawals, adopting a 25% limit per quarterly period for each investor as Elsa Peretti Crucifix pendant to a limit that applied to all clients combined, according to investors and fund documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The move, which was put to a client vote, meant any investor wanting to redeem fully could opt to do so over a year, with the set-aside illiquid assets potentially taking longer to sell.

Hedge-fund managers have wide leeway to change terms and withhold client money, which in some cases can protect assets during crises. The issue of equal treatment of investors is a focus of the SEC's enforcement unit, which has investigated funds to determine whether some clients are favored with better information or financial terms to the detriment of others.

Mr. Falcone has been pushing an ambitious plan to launch a global wireless-satellite network, and has dedicated the majority of his assets in his biggest hedge fund to the venture, called LightSquared.

In the process, Harbinger has come to look less like the hedge-fund firm it was when many investors came to it, and more like a private-equity firm making a concentrated, long-term bet. Investors say the strategy shift has contributed to anxiety over having assets locked up in the firm.

Mr. Falcone has some $2 billion of his own money invested in Harbinger, Elsa Peretti Cross pendant say, citing that as a strong reason to support his strategy.

In 2009, while some investors were asking for withdrawals, others were lining up to put money into Harbinger. They included Soros Fund Management, which during the past year became a significant new investor, say people familiar with the matter. A Soros spokesman declined to comment.

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Tiffany Somerset dangle cuff Publié le Jeudi 20 Janvier 2011 à 09:22:18

WITH flaking paint and rusty doors, many factories in the province of Biella in north-west Italy stand idle. Production of the woollen fabrics and clothing that made the region's name has drifted away to cheaper countries. Supply from Asia crushed the local textile industry. Yet in Trivero, a town in the Alpine foothills, the looms of one mill are still busy. This is where, 100 years ago, Ermenegildo Zegna began his fashion house. The firm is now one of the world's top makers of costly male kit. Whether Zegna stays on top depends on demand from Asia.

Zegna has not been left unscathed by globalisation, an economic downturn and the Horse charm bracelet of fashion: sales fell by 8.4% to EUR 797m ($1.1 billion) last year and net profits slumped to EUR 17.3m from EUR 62m in 2008. "Protecting cash became our primary objective, turnover and profits secondary," says Gildo Zegna, the chief executive and a grandson of the founder.

This year things look brighter: the firm hopes to achieve double-digit sales growth. Mr Zegna and his cousin Paolo, the company's chairman, have been building on their fathers' decision to expand beyond weaving cloth. A generation ago bespoke tailoring declined as men increasingly bought off-the-peg rather than being measured for suits in the small tailors' shops that Zegna supplied. So in the 1960s the company moved into ready-to-wear suits. Later in the 1960s it added sportswear and accessories. In the 1980s Zegna began selling its own clothes and now it has 300 shops and 250 or so franchised stores. About 90% of sales come from abroad. On the way, the payroll has grown to over 7,000, although in Trivero it has Tiffany Somerset dangle cuff from some 1,400 in 1970 to 500 now.

Turning to the glitter of the male catwalk has helped Zegna survive when many of its peers perished. Off-the-peg its suits cost between EUR 1,500 and EUR 3,000, and made-to-measure ones an extra 20% or so. This attracts glitzy customers: George Clooney wears a Zegna suit in "The American", a new film about an assassin hiding in Italy.

One of Zegna's priorities will be to keep extending its distribution network, which has absorbed more than half of its average annual investment of around EUR 50m over the past decade. Next year the firm will celebrate 20 years of selling in China, where its 91 shops now have sales exceeding those of the 14 it has in America; Return to Tiffany Heart Lock Cuff sales rank third.

India is the next frontier. Zegna recently entered into a deal with part of India's Reliance Group to distribute clothes through a network of shops which their joint venture will set up. The first opened in Hyderabad in October; it will be followed by at least another nine by 2015.

Success as a global luxury brand depends on various factors. Mr Zegna Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant to creativity--a team of around 50 young designers dreams up the styles--and to a meritocracy among employees. From sheep to shops, quality control is essential.

Each stage of production involves careful checks: at the wool mill, at the factory in Switzerland where suits have been made for decades, at other plants in Italy, including a knitwear factory at Verrone, and at a couple of locations elsewhere in Europe. Stockrooms at Verrone are tightly controlled for temperature, humidity and light. Before being dispatched, each of the 130,000 items that leave Verrone each year is checked for faults on brightly illuminated plastic mannequins.

Zegna also has a niche upmarket women's brand called Agnona which it acquired in 1999, but has no big plans to Medium Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant it. The firm will remain private, family-owned and devoted to menswear. Mr Zegna says the firm has enough money to expand, so there is no reason to go public. "We're working towards generational change, but I'm 55, my cousin is 54 and I don't see succession as an immediate issue," he says. With 11 members of the fourth generation now in their 20s and teens, Ermenegildo Zegna looks like remaining a family affair.



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