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Discount TAG Heuer Publié le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09:43:16

NEW YORK - Its first men's-only shop at the Isetan Department Store in Tokyo was so successful, Tiffany & Co. is adding to the concept.

Last week, the upscale jewelry retailer said it would open two new men's boutiques Discount Ulysse Nardin Watches Japan. "Tiffany & Co. The Men's Store" will open in the Hankyu Department Store men's building in Osaka in February and in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo in April. Both are high-end fashion retail locations, the company said last week.

As reported, the first men's store opened last September in Isetan's Shinjuku store.

"Following the success of our first men's jewelry boutique at Isetan Department Store in Tokyo, we are pleased to announce the opening of two additional men's stores," Michael Christ, president of Tiffany & Co. Japan, said in a statement.

The men's stores will sell diamond jewelry, rings, pendants and gift items, and are aimed Discount Richard Mille extending the company's men's jewelry and accessories offerings. They will also offer a collection of Tiffany watches. The stores will feature a brushed black, stainless-steel facade that will open to grayish white walls and a Mondrian-inspired framework. Showcases will be black ebony.

During the company's most recent quarter, international retail sales jumped 22 percent to $270.8 million. On a constant-exchange-rate basis, sales rose 18 percent in the quarter due to strong growth in most markets and an increase in Japan, the company said in a statement. Sales in Japan grew 6 percent.

But despite international strength, Tiffany cut its earnings outlook on declining U.S. sales. The Discount Roger Dubuis said domestic same-store sales fell 2 percent.

Tiffany has been actively growing its store base in Japan, a historically weak spot for the jewelry company. Last week the retailer announced it will open new boutiques in Tokyo and Fukuoka on March 1.

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and leading fashion and home designers unveiled their commitment to coral conservation today at the launch of Too Precious to Wear, a program of the ocean conservation organization SeaWeb. The fashion and design world have long looked to corals and the ocean as a source of inspiration and imagination, yet these beautiful animals and their habitat are increasingly in danger. Too Precious to Wear aims to raise awareness of Discount Romain Jerome and the threats to their survival, and show how the fashion and design industries, as well as consumers, can safeguard these imperiled marine species.

Despite their appearances, corals are neither rocks nor plants. Corals are living animals that provide marine species with food, fertile grounds for reproduction and a safe haven from predators. Unfortunately, corals are in serious trouble due to destructive fishing methods, climate change, pollution and removal from the sea for use in jewelry and decorative home objects.

Too Precious to Wear fashion leaders include Sylvie Chantecaille, owner and founder of Chantecaille Beaute; ready-to-wear and bridal designer Lela Rose, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai of Vena Cava and home and lifestyle designer Michael Aram.

"Corals inspire me and many others with their beauty, and coral reefs support the livelihoods of millions around the world," said Julia Louis-Dreyfus, founding partner of Too Precious to Wear. "These animals are integral to the health of the ocean, and it is up to each of us to make sure corals are protected. If we take Discount TAG Heuer care of the ocean, the ocean will take care of us."

Dawn M. Martin, president of SeaWeb, said, "Corals simply are too precious to wear. They belong in the ocean, where they contribute to the survival of thousands of other marine species. Consumers and the fashion industry can play an important role in the ocean's recovery by simply choosing products that do not harm the ocean. Conscientious jewelers like Tiffany & Co. have already removed precious corals from their product lines, and we urge others to take the same action."

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Discount Porsche Design Publié le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09:42:57

Genes got in the way of that dream, but even when he went to college he didn't know what he wanted to be.

Then at the end of his sophomore year at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Lee's adviser Discount Panerai him he had to choose a major; he'd exhausted all of his electives.

Lee went home to Brooklyn that summer, the summer of 1977. The hunt was on for the Son of Sam, there was a blackout in New York and the Yankees won the pennant. And Lee was there, running around the city with his Super-8 camera documenting it all.

He didn't know what he was going to do with the footage, but then he got The Bug. Lee didn't choose to be a filmmaker, he said. "Filmmaking chose me."

Monday at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Lee told that story and others while Discount Patek Philippe in the Ringling College Library Association's Town Hall lecture series. About 1,500 people were in attendance.

Lee wore his signature black-frame eyeglasses and the crew jacket from "Miracle at St. Anna," the World War II epic he finished filming Friday in Italy. Fittingly, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani provided crew members with the puffy black coats accessorized with patches of the American and Italian flags; the insignia of Lee's production company, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks Inc.; and the insignia of the Buffalo Soldiers.

Based on the book by James McBride, "Miracle" tells the story of the Buffalo Soldiers, the black soldiers of the 92nd Division who fought the German army in Italy during World War II.

Lee's a World War II buff and decided to make the film because McBride's book has all of the ingredients he was looking for in a story. "Miracle" stars John Turturro (who has been in 12 of Lee's films), James Gandolfini ("The Sopranos"), Derek Luke, Michael Ealy and other American, Italian and Discount Porsche Design actors.

Viewers of the movie, which is due out in November, will have to read Italian and German subtitles, as Lee isn't a fan of fake accents.

"For me, it destroys the authenticity," Lee said. "It's not authentic, Nazis speaking English."

Also important to Lee is documenting history. In World War II, black men were fighting for democracy at a time when they were still considered second-class citizens, and Lee wants to show their contributions to the war.

Lee chronicled the plight of New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina in the 2006 Discount Chanel Watches, "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts."

He was in Italy for the Venice Film Festival when his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, told him to turn on CNN. Lee knew Katrina was headed for the Gulf Coast, but when he saw the images of people sitting on their roofs, waiting to be rescued, he knew he had to talk to them.

Lee plans to return to the area after some time to follow up to "Levees," but even now -- 2 1/2 years after the storm -- there isn't much progress being made.

"People don't care," he said. "That's the same reason it took five days for them to get there."

Though Lee has yet to endorse a presidential candidate, he has his finger on the pulse of politics and knows the country has come a long way since his great-great-grandmother was a slave.

"There's something happening here that has never happened before," Discount Rolex Watches said. "When a black man (Barack Obama) can go into Iowa, which has 2 1/2 black people, and win, that's amazing."

Margaret Winer of Sarasota attends all of the Town Hall lectures and complimented Lee's conversational style.

"It was great," Winer said. "He's very knowledgeable, and obviously dedicated to his work."

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Discount Omega Publié le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09:42:39

"(Hepburn) relied heavily on Givenchy and rarely would have a costume designer help in her contemporary films," Galindo says by e-mail.

From those films evolved the styles that women could take as their own: the Discount IWC coat, the turtleneck and cigarette pants.

"Her private style was just as alluring as her public look":

Robert Sullivan, editorial director of Life Books

Much of Hepburn's personal style has been captured in the new book "Discount Jacob&Co Audrey: 15 Years Later" (Life Books, $11.99, 144 pages).

In it are many never-before-published images of the actress taken by Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby, a portraitist and close friend.

Among them: images of Hepburn at home with her then- husband, actor Mel Ferrer, and playing with their child.

There's also Hepburn running across the backyard barefoot, in a sleeveless top and cropped pants; sitting cross-legged in her living room in a turtleneck and a bun; and doing ballet stretches in the garden in a red leotard.

"Looking at the book, I see Audrey Hepburn as the pre-Jackie Kennedy," Discount Jaeger leCoultre says from his office in New York. "She was, in her own way, an absolute model. She never took a bad photograph.

"The irony is, that's not what Bob was being paid to do. At the time, the movie magazines wanted images of Audrey in her Eliza Doolittle get-up (from the film 'My Fair Lady'). Behind- the-scenes photos were of no interest to them."

"Her clothes were always very crisp; chic but not overly done":

Steven Willey, Sacramento fashion designer

Willey has made it his business to know.

"When I studied fashion history (in design school), Audrey came up at least three times for her 'Roman Holiday' looks: the circle skirt with the peasant top, the hoop earrings and the Roman-style flats," Willey says.

And in true fashion-icon style, Hepburn was often imitated, Willey says.

"Even her cute, cropped hairdo was copied by other stars, including Claudette Colbert and, in an even shorter form, by stylist Vidal Sassoon on Mia Farrow for (the 1968 film) 'Rosemary's Baby,' " he says.

Indeed, for a fashion show in December in which Willey debuted his latest Discount Montblanc, he channeled Hepburn's Holly Golightly role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" himself.

"I lived that lifestyle for a while," he jokes. "You know, the poor adult with a passion for partying and keeping up appearances."

"Audrey was the ultimate natural actress":

Sharon Anapolsky, owner of Julius clothing store in the Pavilions shopping center on Fair Oaks Boulevard

Anapolsky actually saw the actress in Paris shortly before Hepburn died from colon cancer on Jan. 20, 1993. Hepburn was, Anapolsky recalls, confidently sashaying out of the Hotel Plaza Athenee.

"I distinctly remember what she was wearing: little flats, a raincoat, big sunglasses, triangle scarf," Anapolsky says.

Hepburn's style has been an easy one for her to interpret to her clients, Anapolsky adds.

Even now. Just last week, Anapolsky caught a late-night rerun of "Discount Omega at Tiffany's" and was inspired anew by the actress.

And then ...

"People would go to her movies and get ideas how to dress," Anapolsky says.

That is, in an effortless way. Simply. And as stunning in private as in public.

Credit: The Sacramento Bee, Calif.

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Discount Hublot Publié le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09:42:21

Richard Chai: Richard Chai continued at a strong and steady clip for fall with a sportswear collection that was tight (less than 30 looks) and complete. The mood was fairly casual. A bounty of earthy knits and shirting paired with slouchy slim trousers, which he tweaked in leather, silk, wool and brocade. They were streetwise but not too downtown. Elsewhere, he added shape to a series of washed silks with curving seams, which were also put to great use on terrific shearling coats and vests. Almost everything was hearty enough Discount Girard-Perregaux the now rare proper winter. But before things got too cozy, five versions of a printed silk chiffon dress fluttered out, light as air.

That's because Hepburn was more than an actress -- she was also a woman of unforgettable style. Many of her classic looks were born onscreen, of course, but her fashion influence moved beyond the movies and remains fresh today, seen everywhere from the Champs Elysees to the streets of Sacramento.

What do trendsetters have to say about Hepburn and her fashion sense -- and what women can still learn from her?

"She was effortless in the way she dressed":

Simon Ungless, director of graduate fashion at the Academy of Art Discount Glashutte in San Francisco

Through her movies, Hepburn stood in stark contrast to more voluptuous stars of her day, such as Marilyn Monroe.

"Her look did not scream 1950s or 1960s because there was nothing extreme in the way she styled herself," Ungless says.

Indeed, Hepburn epitomized the word "gamine" after her 1953 breakthrough role in "Roman Holiday."

She made the understated little black dress a big must-have in "Discount Graham at Tiffany's."

And her simple, skinny black pant, black top and flat black shoes in "Funny Face" prompted the Gap to relaunch the bohemian look in September 2006.

Fast-forward to spring 2008, and we continue to see Hepburn's cropped pants and ballet flats as major fashion trends.

The secret? Hepburn's look has always been "attainable," says Ian MacKintosh, who handles public relations for the Academy of Art University.

And as a result, he says, it is a look that is sought by consumers and copied by Discount Hamilton.

"Season after season (for instance), they (designers) are modifying the black dress for their collections," MacKintosh says.

"She knew what looked good on her":

Liz Galindo, a costume designer for films

Hepburn's professional relationship with French designer Hubert de Givenchy was legendary in Hollywood.

It started with the 1954 film "Sabrina," when Hepburn asked Givenchy to supplement part of her movie wardrobe with his own fashions. (Famed costume designer Edith Head was the movie's credited designer.)

From there, Givenchy quickly became Hepburn's primary stylist for films, including "Discount Hublot Face," "Love in the Afternoon," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Charade," "Paris When It Sizzles" and "How To Steal a Million."

Galindo, who started her career as a fashion designer in Sacramento, is making her own mark as a costume designer for films. (She worked with head designer Mark Bridges on this year's Oscar-nominated "There Will Be Blood.") She says an understanding of what looks good -- and how to get it -- was key for Hepburn.



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Discount Concord Publié le Samedi 12 Février 2011 à 09:42:01

However, some doubt that luxury and environmental matters will prove a winning relationship. 'It is wishful thinking,' argues Black. 'If these are things that we are told to do, then I'm not sure they remain as luxurious to be involved in.'

Much of luxury's growth is expected to come from the scaling up of more regular items to create a Discount Cartier market, positioned a level below luxury. Tim Delaney, chairman of Leagas Delaney, points to brands such as Nike and Alessi, which 'command a premium because of their style or attitude'. This is upsetting to luxury brands concerned with the trend of 'masstige' - mass market and prestige. 'If retailers such as Tesco are creating premium products, it leaves labels asking: "What is our difference? Where do we stand?'" says Savigar. 'They can't democratise too much - it is part of the rarity agenda.'

Indeed, new luxury is about experiences as much as tangible objects. To create an emotional touchpoint with a brand, service and point-of-sale experiences must be exceptional. 'If the luxury element is limited to the product, people will make rational decisions and opt for something that is equally good but less pricey,' says Black.

If the future of luxury is about greater exclusivity, an impeccable customer Discount Chopard and ethical production, then fake items sold on street corners fail on all counts. Almost two thirds of UK consumers - an increase of 20% on 2006 - claim they are 'proud' to have bought fake luxury clothing, footwear, watches or jewellery, according to research commissioned by Davenport Lyons. But Delaney believes fake goods 'serve as an appetiser'. 'In a funny kind of way, they feed the myth. To be worth knocking off, an item must be special,' he says.

If a recession is coming, such fakes could become more appealing to the occasional luxury consumer. However, a downturn is unlikely to have an impact on the tastes of high net worth individuals, reason enough for many brands to shift their focus to these lucrative customers.

Anna Sui: The Aesthetic Movement was very much on Anna Sui's Discount ChronoSwiss as she designed her fall lineup, a characteristically eclectic mix that called upon everything from pre-Raphaelite paintings to Gustav Klimt to, as Sui put it after the show, "the colors of a Tiffany glass lamp." A disparate mlange, yes, and though at moments it veered toward too much, for the most part the collection worked. Sui started with an ode to Native American living, fringing a black faux-suede jacket with a geo-patchwork velvet dress, which was followed by another fringed number, a basket-weave chiffon dress in bright marine blue. Caftans and ponchos were designed to great effect in popping colors and patterns - ikats, paisleys, the aforementioned patchwork - while the more subdued looks, such as a watercolor floral-print velvet dress and a wonderful crepe-de-chine deer-print one, brought to mind what Sui does best: cheerful cocktail fare with a hint of quirk.

Tory Burch: Ladylike with a relaxed sensibility was the premise of Tory Burch's Discount Concord, and by the looks of the effortlessly mixed fabrics - metallic tweeds, cotton burlap, even gold jacquard - this lady also has a serious, luxurious sense going on. Burch turned out classic staples (imagine packing for October in Palm Beach), with most working a narrow silhouette. Unexpected finishings were prevalent, as on a bright yellow shift with braided edging and a sleek black tank dress with mirrored crystals running down its front and across the hem. While the patent black booties veered a bit into bondage territory, Burch proved she can work a feminine, preppy aesthetic that doesn't get tired. Sleeveless blouses with voluminous neckties, and a sharp tweed coat with a black bow at the collar amped up the ultraslim shape - one that would have made Hitchcock proud.

Zero + Maria Cornejo: Each season, Maria Cornejo's clothes become more varied and adventurous, always resulting in a quietly fabulous collection. This time, her color blocks and fabric combos were as painterly as they were architectural. Consider a mix of indigo and black on both a shaped lean dress and a concave charmeuse top over a pintucked taffeta skirt. The designer has a talent for keeping things stark - as in her beautifully contoured leather coats - while also creating some fanfare with detail, such as a wool waistcoat over a Discount Ferrari taffeta dress. All of it with that quirky Cornejo touch.



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