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Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-162 Publié le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09:48:49

OK, I know what you're all thinking. A makeover? That's not outrageous.

Makeovers are everywhere. Watch a few hours of reality TV- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Swan, What Not to Wear, even daytime talk shows - and it's Svengali overload.

If you ask anyone who Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-170 me well, I'm the last person they would  to do this.

I dress appropriately, but not fashionably. And I'm just plain lazy when it comes to primping, ironing, curling or applying powders and liquids of any kind. I'm perfectly satisfied looking bohemian - jeans, T-shirt, sandals, out-of-control hair.

My internal dialogue goes something like this in the morning: Hair gels and sprays? Too time-consuming. Eye shadow? Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-162 it, I look like a clown. High heels? Scary; I'll fall on my face.

But alas, I'm an intern who can't say no. I'm entering the working world where you have to look professional.

So per my orders, I accompanied Chronicle fashion reporter Joy Sewing for a day of  at Memorial City Mall.

Joy wanted to incorporate more color into my black, brown and white wardrobe. Anything I pointed out that was too dark or bland was followed by a swift "boring."

After a few failed stops, we found a colorful variety of clothes at J.C. Penney.

"Oh, that's cute!" was heard a lot.

A form-fitting, knee-length black skirt, both elegant and stylish, caught Joy's eye.

"Did you know that you have an hour-glass figure?" she asked when I stepped out of the dressing room.

Actually, I didn't know my figure resembled anything. I always Breitling for Bentley QUARTZ Chronograph BT-57 baggy clothes.

Later, when a white, wrap-around blouse was added to the mix, I had to ask Joy how to put it on.

Shoes came next. I made it clear that I wasn't interested in wearing high heels. I don't want to feel like I'm walking on a tight rope.

We compromised on the semi-high, chunky heel of a Gianni Bini shoe at Dillard's.

In the world of fashion, accessories are a necessity. Joy and I scoured the jewelry section of Forever 21 in search of a necklace and a bracelet, eventually settling on necklace of little black balls and bracelets to match.

My oval glasses' frames had to go, said Vanessa Pro, the optical department manager at J.C. Penney. Instead, Vanessa and Joy agreed upon red, rectangular-shaped frames that fit my facial features.

The shopping had been a success, but I was nervous about cutting my hair as Breitling Longitude Quartz Chrono BT-196 approached our final stop: Toni & Guy.

Souki Bourommavong, the salon's art education director, ushered me to her chair and we discussed what to do with my mass of curls. Souki's game plan: trimming the ends and some layering to avoid the dreaded "triangle hair."

"I'm like an engineer. I build the weight up or take it out," Souki said, jokingly. And indeed she took it out. When she was done, I almost didn't recognize myself.

With the curls straightened, a weight literally was lifted off my shoulders.

The last step was makeup, which outside of lip gloss, I never use. Toni & Guy's makeup artist, Tiffany Mitra, spread foundation and various shades of brown and red eye shadow on my face to create a natural look.

As much as I don't like to apply mascara and eye liner, it was relatively painless compared to having my eyebrows plucked.

It reminded of the old saying: no pain, no gain.

When all was done, I think Joy and I succeeded in keeping within the Breitling Longitude Quartz Chronometer BT-165 of my taste and personality. But it did feel like an out-of-body experience. I wasn't used to seeing myself looking glamorous and corporate. And it felt good to undergo a change, if only temporarily.

I'm not about to join a Paris Hilton look-alike contest. Then again, I don't look like I walked out of a Creedence Clearwater album cover, either.

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Breitling for Bentley BT-147 Publié le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09:48:05

KICKING BACK: Recently retired Japanese soccer deity and fashion icon Hidetoshi Nakata swept through Paris last week practically unnoticed - but not completely. He was spotted dining at fashion canteen Voltaire and shopping at Balenciaga on Avenue George V. To be Breitling for Bentley BT-147 , Nakata is a big fan of the  label and was among VIPs who checked out the recent opening of the Balenciaga exhibition at the Museum of Fashion and Textiles.

NO LOUNGING AROUND: Ever attaching itself to the fashion world, W  has partnered with the CFDA and soon will be unveiling a series of signature bathrobes as designed by industry biggies including Diane von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson. Thirteen robes will be on display in the Bryant Park tents during New York Breitling for Bentley BT-147 Week. Then, starting Oct. 23, they will be up for auction on eBay with all proceeds benefiting the CFDA's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative. Meanwhile, W Hotels' subsidiary, aloft, will be offering perks of its own during fashion week: a free car service for editors and VIPs to and from the tents and off-site shows. OK, it's a Jeep, but all the better for Breitling for Bentley BT-148 those cobblestoned streets downtown.

MULLING MUGLER: Thierry Mugler, known for his glam, oh-so-Eighties silhouettes, is the subject of a series of exhibitions and conferences in Paris starting Sept. 19. Organized by the Museum of Fashion and Textiles, the event will cover several aspects of the defunct couturier's company, which was shuttered by the Clarins Group in 2003. Topics will include Mugler's fascination with the animal and insect worlds and the influences behind his designs, as well as his love of bombastic spectacle, such as one anniversary megashow held at the Zenith in 1984, which seated 6,000 guests.

Jennifer Silverman, a junior at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in Manhattan, NY Breitling for Bentley BT-198 straight As in the science of style. A native of Louisville, the 20-year-old works as an assistant agency director for Alix Adams Modeling Agency while enjoying the perks of attending school in the epicenter of couture fashion. "My school is located between Madison and Fifth Avenue, so I spend my time shopping between classes."

Where She Buys Her Clothes Chanel. Burberry, Dior and Daffy's. "Burberry is known for their plaid. Their clothes are very classic but very current and I tend to like the classics very much." She adds, "Daffy's get a lot of their pieces from Italy. Their merchandise comes in a wide assortment and they have very hard-to-find lines that are well made but have a twist to them. It is always fun to shop there because you never know what you may find." Favorite Shoe Jennifer is a shoe zealot. "I have them separated by season." Here's a short list of shoe styles she owns: wedges, pumps, open-toe sandals, espadrilles, and boots of varying heel heights. "My favorite shoe is my knee-length, pointy-toe Gucci boots. They are black velvet and they have the Gucci insignia, which is embossed in velvet, all over. The heels are gold, so when you are walking you see a little glimmer of light." Must-Have Pieces " I most enjoy a classic, glamorous aesthetic look. A cinched waist, pencil skirts, Breitling for Bentley Midsize QUARTZ Chronograph BT-161 jackets and wide-leg pants are some of my favorites. Black is my go-to color, but I am rarely opposed to a punch of something brighter." Her Most Treasured Item "My Givenchy gown (pictured here). I found it in Daffy's." HOW She Defines Style "I think it really accomplishes different objectives for different people. It can be used as a tool to express emotion and it functions as something that defines us in some way."

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Breitling for Bentley BT-123 Publié le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09:47:29

RINGING BIELLA?: Could Escada have its eye on one of Valentino's key design deputies? According to market sources, Damiano Biella, Valentino's studio director, has tendered his Breitling Crosswind Quartz Chronometer BT-193 and could be headed to the Munich-based ready-to-wear firm. A charismatic and affable designer, Biella is credited  bringing strong merchandising skills to Valentino and is said to have been instrumental in key Valentino lines such as Roma. Some considered him a potential internal candidate to succeed the couturier upon his eventual retirement. Biella joined the Italian firm in 2003 after five years at the creative helm of Carolina Herrera. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

MOSS MUSINGS: While Kate Moss' image may be one of the world's most ubiquitous, her strict no-interviews policy has meant hardly any of her public have heard her speak. But in her role in lingerie brand Agent Provocateur's fall campaign, she plays the character Miss X, who voices her Breitling for Bentley BT-123 on dreams, exhibitionism and narcissism.

"I knew she was apprehensive about speaking on camera," said director Mike Figgis in an interview on the company's Web site. "And for me, there was the fact that she is one of the best-known personalities around and has been photographed by the best."

Figgis shot the movies without a formal script, filming Moss in a series of four scenarios, all in night vision. The films will premier on the brand's Web site at two-month intervals. The first, "Shadows," in which Moss glides around an empty Victorian house clad in Agent Provocateur lace garter belts, went up on the site Breitling for Bentley BT-124 week. And Moss' newfound voice even has extended to giving the film a ringing endorsement. "The films look amazing and I am thrilled with the results," she said in a statement.

TOM FORD FOR LESS: Half-a-million dollars' worth of Tom Ford-era Gucci vintage will be sold at Housing Works Thrift Shops in New York on three evenings this month. As part of its fall previews, the sale kicks off on Thursday, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Housing Works' renovated Chelsea Breitling for Bentley BT-128 at 143 West 17th Street. Two other shopping nights are planned for Tuesday at the 306 Columbus Avenue shop and Sept. 14 at 157 East 23rd Street here. Prices are generally 70 percent off retail, and admission is $10.

If you can't stomach an event that rivals a sample sale, Tom Ford fans also can bid online for eight Gucci evening dresses (separate from the sale), for which starting bids range from $650 to $950. The auction for the dresses, now displayed in the 17th Street store's window, closes Sept. 13.

Gucci donated the clothes, which include evening gowns, tuxes and coats, to Housing Works Thrift Shops, a six-unit Manhattan chain that acts as the retail arm of Housing Works, a nonprofit service organization for people living in New York with HIV/AIDS.

LINKING UP: Jewelry designer Elsa Peretti is lending a hand to an old friend and fashion peer: Stephen Burrows. Turns out she is the patron of Burrows' first Paris runway outing in 30 years, scheduled for Oct. 8 at the Carrousel du Louvre. "I adore Stephen. He's one of the most talented men I've ever met," the Breitling for Bentley BT-146 designer said. Burrows famously showed at the 1973 French-American fashion extravaganza at the Chteau de Versailles - and is now eyeing European expansion.


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Breitling Crosswind Calendar Automatic BT-216 Publié le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09:47:00

Worried about what to wear to the office?

You can't go wrong with a suit.

"It just gives you so much more credibility,'' says Helen Perry, a Houston image consultant who assists companies in writing dress codes. "There's nothing that says professional like a suit.''

For fall, designers have come up with lots of gorgeous suits in all price ranges Breitling Chronomat Quartz Chrono BT-223 are feminine yet exude authority in the workplace. The styles include skirt suits and pantsuits, which are acceptable in most work places.

"For some `figure situations,' pantsuits work better,'' Perry says. "Hillary Clinton doesn't have the best legs, but she looks better in a pantsuit.''

All kinds of shapes abound this season, reflecting the different proportions with which designers are experimenting. Skirts billow at the waist or hug the body in a long, slender silhouette. Trousers are long and full or narrow and skinny. Jackets are fitted, cropped a little shorter and often marked with a Breitling Chronomat Quartz Chrono BT-224 neckline.

Many of the outfits are so stylish they can transition from office to evening for the woman-on-the-go.

Some suits feature menswear-inspired fabrics with a chalkstripe or checked pattern. Colors are largely neutral - black, white, purple, gray - and work well in the workplace.

The subdued colors can be jazzed up with an eye-catching piece of jewelry on the lapel. Other ways to highlight your fashion sense: Accessorize with red pumps or a bright purse. Cinch the jacket with a wide belt. Or throw on a cape to add some flair.

If your workplace environment is creative, take some dramatic license with Breitling Chronomatic Quartz Chrono BT-211 pants or a tunic and leggings. But make sure the outfit is appropriate to your job.

"Unless you work at Vogue, the leggings and the tunics might be a trickier silhouette to do,'' admits Vogue magazine fashion news director Sally Singer. "But for the creative professions, (clothes with) voluminous shoulders and dramatic sleeves are fine because the clothes have authority.''

Another option for Houston's mild climate: A sleeveless winter dress that can be worn with a cardigan when needed. "There are a lot of great knits out there,'' Singer says.

Perry admits that figuring out appropriate attire for the office can be tricky. You don't want to be too casual but you don't want to overdress. She recommends always dressing "one notch above your client's dress code, not two or three.''

Fit is important, too. The most common complaints Perry hears from Breitling Crosswind Calendar Automatic BT-216: Clothes are too tight and too revealing. Visible panty lines, unprofessional footwear (flip flops, sandals) and tattered sweaters hanging on the backs of chairs are also points of contention.

She recommends visiting the couture department of luxury stores for fashion ideas even if you don't have the budget."See what the top designers are doing. It all trickles down (to discount stores),''she says.

You don't have to be a slave to fashion, but updating your look to reflect current trends can boost your career, Perry contends. "People associate outdated hair, clothing and makeup styles with outdated skills. It's a subliminal message.''

Even "casual Fridays'' are no excuse for not looking your best. If your company allows Breitling Crosswind Calendar BT-222, you can make sure your jeans are crisp and add a nice blouse, jewelry and a jacket.

"Even if you had a wild Thursday night, don't look like it,'' Perry says. "It really sends a poor message. People who work around you want to know they can count on you. Being well-dressed and well- groomed every day really sends a nonverbal message that you're reliable.''

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Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-191 Publié le Jeudi 10 Février 2011 à 09:46:39

Party invitations began trickling in 2002 after W magazine published a photograph of Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-122. Jones in jeans and a tank top at the opening of Alexander McQueen's new store. Through Mr. Posen, Ms. Jones met Ms. Beracasa, who then made the introduction to top Italian fashion house Fendi.

"We like Genevieve, who is bright and classy," says Paige Pederson, Fendi's New York publicist. "With a celebrity, you have less control where it gets seen. But these girls are the best ambassadors. They are so happy to speak well of the house."

In high fashion, all roads lead to Vogue, which in March featured Ms. Jones as its "Girl Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-136 the Moment," showing her in seven different party pictures. The magazine spread, which put Ms. Jones firmly on the society map, came three years after Ms. Jones met Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's editor at large. At a party at the New York apartment of designer Donna Karan, "she just stepped in front of me and started dancing with me, just like that," recalls Mr. Talley, who says Ms. Jones looked "sensational" in tight jeans and a baby-doll top.

Last year, during New York fashion week, Ms. Jones ran into Mr. Talley again after the Calvin Klein show. Ms. Jones, who wanted to change into a Zac Posen outfit before the designer's show, invited Mr. Talley back to her apartment, where she ordered Chinese food. He marveled at her decor, closets full of Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-191 labels and 300 pairs of shoes. "She is one of those mysterious, New York girls who just shows up on the scene," Mr. Talley says.

From there, Mr. Talley took Ms. Jones to a party at the penthouse of Mariah Carey, where he introduced her to Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa. On the spot, Mr. Costa told her he would love her to wear his clothes. A few loaners later, Ms. Jones says she was happy to "lend support to Francisco" during a special event at the Calvin Klein boutique in May, in which customers order pieces from a designer's collection. Ms. Jones modeled the samples and flitted about for photographers. She bought a top and pair of pants for herself.

Today, Ms. Jones spends mornings auditioning designer outfits in front of her Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-203, exchanging Web-cam images with her friend Ms. Roitfeld. From her two closets and armoire, she pulls the latest $2,000-plus runway frocks, which she either buys at deep discount or borrows or receives as gifts from the likes of Calvin Klein, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen or Mr. Posen. "My body allows me to be adventurous," says Ms. Jones, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 100 pounds. After Ms. Jones is photographed in an outfit, she puts it in storage.

Derek Blasberg, a 24-year-old free-lance fashion journalist whom she calls her best friend, says he sometimes pushes her toward work and studies. On her behalf, he gathered applications to fashion schools. "But she won't fill them out," he says. "I would just like her to do so much more with her life."

Ms. Jones shifts back and forth from being all-consumed by her current lifestyle to Breitling Chronomat Evolution BT-204 ready to move on. "I can't just do this forever," she says. She has mentioned taking courses this fall in computer design for interiors and says she will sign up for French lessons.

For the time being, the hubbub surrounding New York fashion week has been foremost on her mind. "I haven't reached my full potential in this little game," she says. She would like to nab a formal fashion contract.

"I'm going to hold out," she says, "and wait for something really good."


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