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Legendary Spanish design house presents high-end jewellery in the epic Art Noveau and Art Deco styleDamas, the world renowned jeweller, unfurls the magical collections of the legendary Barcelona based Spanish jewellery house, Bagues Masriera such as necklaces, pendant chains, drop earrings, brooches IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-40 rings. Combining 18k gold, diamonds, precious stones and highly specialised enamel work dating over two centuries ago and backed by the timeless legacy of master jeweller Lluis Masriera (1872-1958), this acclaimed brand presents two stunning options as adornment, for womenMasriera's captivating Art Noveau and Art Deco collections featuring nature and ethereal beings and Bagues' stunning, highly contemporary jewellery collections such as Vitralis, Menorca, Mosaic and Viatge.

Tawhid Abdullah, Managing Director, Damas Jewellery commented, "IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-41 goldsmith and modernist painter, Lluis Masriera's enthralling creations pushed the frontiers of creativity. So they forever remain a reference point in jewellery art. One of its missions is to revive Masriera's rich historical legacy of more than 4,000 drawings, moulds, dies and pieces by the maestro and preserve it as part of the collections in international museums. Besides this it also brings out re-editions of classic pieces which still continue to be produced in Barcelona. As the Middle East has always had a unique appreciation of jewellery art, particularly women of the region have displayed their admiration for its exclusive high end creations."

If you have ever wondered whether art can be translated into jewellery, IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-54 look at Masriera's magical and breathtaking array of collections is what it takes to be convinced. Flowers, plants, insects, birds, ethereal beings like fairies come alive in captivating essence...claiming their rightful distinction as 'jewellery-art'. Two of its most famous pieces include the fairy brooch featuring a shy, ethereal being with her wings spread out elegantly and the other is its charming butterfly pendant. In them, 18k gold settings, brilliant cut diamonds, fired enamel, cultured pearls and rubies fuse in delicate yet detailed artistry with superb enamel work imparting an unbelievable transparency and light to them. Transformed into bewitching works of art they pay grand tribute both to femininity and nature

The secret to their magic is the traditional enamel work technique still in use for IWC Big Pilots Watch Automatic IW-55 two hundred years handed down through the Masriera workshops that allows the brand to capture the colour, light, as well as the unique cultural ambience of the Mediterranean. The brand's highly skilled crafts people specialise in the plique--jour and basse-taille techniques often called as 'fire enamelling' and 'air enamelling.' Employing the 'vitrail effect' each piece is handmade from start to finish, and takes up to six to seven weeks to craft.

Its Masriera Deco collection celebrates the precision and infinite possibilities of geometrical beauty in a striking array of jewels blending yellow gold, brilliant and carre cut diamonds, with emerald cut aquamarines and fire enamel. Light, architectural elements burst to life with blue recalling the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean and gold capturing the beauty of sunlight bouncing on its waves.

Bagues Masriera is the collaboration between the legendary house Masriera and IWC Big Pilots Watch IW-73, a family company dedicated to jewellery making which was founded in 1917. In 1985 the two companies merged, and both brands began to operate jointly. Masriera represents the modernist jewellery known internationally as Art Nouveau, and has a very clearly defined style based on the legacy of its acclaimed maestro Lluis Masriera, who paid brilliant homage to the Wagnerian universe. On the other hand, Bagus collections are highly contemporary and excitingly innovative.

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Ery person owns her own destiny and determines her own future. t sounds cliché, but if you need real-world proof, Anna Bell Pfau, 38, is happy to share her story. Born "dirt poor" in Texas, she ran away from home and hitchhiked across the country five times before landing herself a spot at Maryhurst in Louisville, where she spent the next two and a half years being rehabilitated, supported, and inspired. Fast forward to today. Anna Belle is an English professor at Brown Mackie College working on her master's degree at UofL. She IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-82 a popular political blog publishes a bi-weekly column about women's history in The New Agenda, dedicates herself to her students, most of whom were not on the college track in high school, and is a wife and mother of daughter Clancy, 15. Her extraordinary achievements were recendy recognized with Maryhurst's 2009 Alumna of the Year award, but it is her impassioned, luminous spirit that makes her truly arresting. "I turn young women into feminists everyday without trying," she says with an easy laugh while speaking about her classroom. Her feminist roots run deep, but it was after talcing a womer^s history class with Dr. Anne Kerney when she was 22 that she became dedicated to educating the public about women's issues. "Every single day I would think ? can't believe I don't already know this!'" she says. "It lit a fire under me." Now she instills her IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-83 in her students and as a volunteer at Maryhurst. "I credit them in turning me around and teaching me to make good choices," she says of the organization. It was also here that she met her mentor Holly Holland, who she credits with teaching her what a relationship should be. "When women don't have options, marriage is a trap that is easy to fall into," Anna Belle says. "She showed me that I had options. She IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-85 an example that I didn't have to compromise."

It's been really nice to see people do things out of the goodness of their hearts and not for monetary gains."

HEIDI ISWEARING: Lucia silk blouse, $248; Stanton harem pant, $188; IWC Big Pilots Saint Exupery Edition IW-57 bird feather vest, $216; Cromer patent wedge boot, $235; bangle pink bracelet, $35; silver bracelets (2), $50; earrings, $65. All items available at Rodeo Drive, 2212 C Holiday Manor, 502.425.8999.

Heidi Thiel spent the first part of her career pursuing other peoples' stories as a TV news photographer. When she switched paths to become a video specialist on a children's TV program, the 36year-old walked away with an ample number of her own stories to tell. There was the time she was in a helicopter that crashed into a lake during a snowstorm. Or another time when she was held by angry Ku Klux Klan members wielding shotguns. The former associate editor for the AAA magazine and winner of two regional Emmy awards now contributes to "Our Kids," a program that airs on both MetroTV and KET. She also serves on the board for the Sudanese Refugee Education Fund, an all-volunteer organization that raises scholarship money for Sudanese refugees who have settled in the Louisville area. Since 2005 the group has raised more than $100,000, all of which goes directly to scholarships, and has seen 29 college graduates. "It's nice to see people who work hard, who may not have had all the opportunities, succeed," Heidi says. She knows personally the challenges that face children with narrow resources. A graduate of Berea College, Heidi was given a chance despite limited economic means, and left IWC Big Pilots Spitfire IW-42 without debt. Now she works to give back what she was given. She volunteers once a week with the Every 1 Reads program, helping raise children's reading levels. She stays active outdoors by playing tennis twice a week, jogging, kayaking, and hiking and admires women who are able to find a balance between working hard and being givers. "1 admire women who find space for themselves but who are smart and interested in things around the world," she says, "who are stepping out of their little corners of the world."



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ANGELA IS WEARING Anna Sui mustard sweater, $305; Cass & Co. carni, $72; IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-75 McQueen purple pencil skirt, $215; belt, $185; earrings, $119; cuff, $265. Available at Peacock Boutique, 2828 Frankfort Avenue, 502.897. 1158. J. Vincent Java tan safari shoes, $101, available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

This year, after eight exhausting years, Angela Hagan proudly completed one of the greatest accomplishments of her life. While raising two young children, 3 and 16 months, and juggling a full-time job in the nonprofit sector, Angela finished her doctorate in urban and public affairs. "I was determined to see IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-77 through, to finish something," she says. Originally from downstate Illinois, Angela came to Louisville to pursue her masters in public administration from UofL. Her father is a graduate of the university, and she remembers always being drawn to the city. Now a resident of Old Louisville and the public and donor relations communications manager for The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, the 34year-old serves as liaison with the neighborhood, most notably on a current $7 million expansion and renovation project. Now, this working mom is looking forward to a bit more time to spend with her family. "Now it's just a two-way split between family and my job. I'm trying to spend more time doing the fun things that I missed out on while I was working on my doctorate," she says. Where is she likely to spend her newfound free time? The Louisville IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-78 Center. "It's like physical chess," she says of the sport, which she picked up alongside her husband, Ken Hagan, a 20-year fencer himself. "It's mentally challenging but it has the physicality as well."

I think it helps (the students) to see a group of 10-12 successful people who are right out of college."

Rachel ISWEARiNG MiIIy silk print blouse, $288; MiIIy plaid jacket, $408; IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-80 cream pencil skin, $288. Available at Clodhoppers, 3727 Lexington Road, 502.891.0079. Liz Claiborne pearl/gold broach, $22; Liz Claiborne pearl cluster earrings, $25; Calvin Klein Dolly snake shoes, $98. Available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

Rachei Meade, 24, doesn't shy away from being a role model. As a young and successful certified public accountant for the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, she has already proved that she has the discipline required to excel in her career. Now, she's taking her knowledge to the classrooms. Rachel participates in a high school outreach program through Junior Achievement, an organization dedicated to educating children about the business world, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to reach their potential. "I think it teaches them that their goals are attainable," she says about her accounting lessons, "just because they've never heard of accounting doesn't mean they can't achieve in it." She also serves as PWCs Junior Achievement "company IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-81" working directly with the organization to arrange volunteers. Currently she is planning the annual Bowling Classic, the primary fund raiser for the local Junior Achievement. She has enlisted eight teams of five bowlers from PWC, an outstanding turnout for an office of only about 70 people. The Louisville native isn't all about work though. Her mantra: "work hard, play hard." The former Division I golfer continues to make it out on the green a couple of times a week. Although she admits that her golf skills have gotten her ahead in the business world (and encourages other women to get involved in the game), it is the time she gets to spend unwinding outdoors with her family and friends that she truly values.

ANNA BELLE ISWEARiNG: Liz Claiborne brown cardigan, $59; Jessica Howard shiñ dress, $96; bracelet, $40; Bandolino shoes, $50; earrings, $18. Available at Macy's, Oxmoor Center, 7900 Shelbyville Road.


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SARAH IS WEARING Antonio Melani turquoise wrap top, $129; Antonio Metani brown jacket, $199; Antonio Melarti brown skirt, $99; Gianni Bini Jersey snake shoes, $89; Erica Lyons turquoise earrings, $9; Turquoise bracelet, $30. Available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

At 25 years old, Sarah Frankel felt like she was 80. She was overweight, spending her time IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-96 on the couch and eating poorly. She had struggled with her weight for years, even when she played volleyball in high school, but now something was different. "Something in my head just clicked," she says. "I just did a complete lifestyle overhaul." A library assistant at UofL, Sarah took advantage of the employee "Get Healthy Now" program, which provides an on-site gym, personal trainers, and nutritionists. Through exercise and healthy eating, Sarah dropped 70 pounds in 2007. Two years later, she walks past panes of glass and still doesn't recognize herself. "I feel like I'm someone different," she says. She and her husband, Josh, both grew up in Louisville and enjoy being surrounded by family. Now, the 27-year-old is even taking advantage of the closeness to get her family fit. She trained for several months with two of her aunts and IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-99 mom, and this spring the group completed the Triple Crown walk. "It made them feel good about themselves," Sarah says. She keeps the weight off by eating well, walking, doing yoga, and running. She has participated in several 5K races and a mini-marathon. She believes staying positive is the key to, well, everything. "Happiness comes from not letting the little things bother you too much," she says. "Don't beat yourself up too much." Sarah attended a mission trip to Nicaragua where she worked in a medical clinic. She was shocked by the juxtaposition of the impoverished population and the SUV-owning wealthy IWC Big Pilots Automatic IW-79 the poor country. "Every now and then I think about seeing the way some people have to live," she says as she shakes her head.

"It can be stressful at times, but I like knowing that I'm at least letting people who are surviving domestic violence or sexual assault have a place to go."

ASHLEY is wearing. Jan Warnock purple silk blouse, $220; Michael Kors jacket, $170; IWC Big Pilots Automatic IW-84 bermuda short, $82; Rebecca Hook leaf necklace, $184. Available at Croquis Boutique, 1201 Herr Lane Suite 140, 502.425.7212. Gianni Bini Eye Candy tweed shoes, $89 and headband, $13, available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews, 502.893.4400.

Ashley Haering has traveled to as many countries as years she's been alive. Holding a bachelor's degree from UofL in Sociology and a master's degree from the University of London in Human Rights, Ashley is a legal advocate for the Center for Women and Families. While in London, she worked directly with victims of domestic violence with Refuge, a UK organization offering assistance to women and children. Now back in Louisville, she is taking steps to restart the local chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW), and is the Big Sister (with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Louisville) to a lucky 9year-old. And she is only 25! "Everything up to this point has been an accomplishment," she said. "Everything has built up to where I am." And to where she's going. Ashley dreams of one day influencing women's issues by affecting policy change on a national scale. "I'm just trying to build up enough experience so that I can one day do something. You feel like you're only putting a IWC Big Pilots Power Reserve IW-72-aid on the problem. I'm trying to work to a point where I can try to change things." Her lifelong dedication to women's issues took her to India for a month while researching for her dissertation, a study of sex-selection abortion. Her studies abroad, she believes, have made her more internationally conscious. She isn't opposed to relocating in the future if it will increase her power to instigate policy change, however for now she's enjoying her 20s with her family (she's the oldest of five children) in Louisville.

"I think I've always known I've wanted to work in a public sector or for a nonprofit because that way I can make a direct impact in peoples' lives."



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IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-100 Publié le Lundi 14 Février 2011 à 09:19:17

"There are lots of plus size clothes available, but I cant really find vintage in stores," said Powe, who had not shopped at Angel's Vintage Boutique before Saturday show, but said she plans to become a customer.

"I like the clothes they're showing, I don't like to look like everybody else," Hublot Ladies Big Bang White HB-14 added.

Wright, who is also a freelance writer for the South Florida Times, also offered the audience useful tips on shopping for plus-sized vintage wear.

"Use belts to create definition," advised Wright, who was decked out in a green and black shirt dzess, cinched at the waist by a large black belt.

She also suggested doing away with clothing sizes by shopping inptead for comfort, using a seamstress to tailor outfits for a better fit.

Other tips included checking out the men's section - vintage menswear can be highly Hublot Luna Rossa Chronograph HB-13 and easy to feminize with accessories. She said women can also be creative by using short dresses as tops or elastic skirts as strapless dresses.

Keeping with the "out-ofthe box" philosophy, proceeds from the fashion show's silent auction benefited GieenBean, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase environmental literacy and encourage green lifestyles for children in lewincome communities.

Founded by 25 year-old Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Hublot Red Devil Bang II HB-12 Denaye Hinds, the six month-old organization merges the sustainability consultant's two passions, "the environment and teaching children how to read," she said.

GieenBean offers several environmental workshops for youth, with an overall focus on "recycling, reducing and reusing."

Hinds, who was jokingly called out by Fantasia, the female impersonator, IWC Big Pilot IW-14 she wears a size two, said, "If we're going to have the green movement really be a movement, we have to start with the children."

"If I can give (my clients) the healing, the stress relief, just half of what I was given, then I'm the one that's blessed."

HEATHER IS WEARING: Kenneth Cole multi top, $21; Freedom of Choice jeans, $178; Eileen Fisher black jacket, $198; Jessica Simpson Genaviv black shoes, $89; Erica Lyons silver bracelet, $25; Lucky silver bracelet, $39; Lucky silver necklace, $32; Lucky silver earrings, $22. Available at Dillard's, Mall St. Matthews.

As a massage therapist. Heather Duncan is a touchy person. "It's so natural. Nobody touches anybody anymore," she exclaims as reaches out and briefly places a hand on me with a smile. "You ke this connection." Her passion comes from a genuine belief in the importance and the healing power of what she does. The 36-year-old Charlestown, Ind. native is the mother of two sons, Avery, 7 and Rhys, 2'/>, both of whom comfortably enjoy the benefits of their mother's skills. Three years ago, Heather experienced firsthand that massage can do what other treatments could not, and it drastically changed her life. After struggling for years with chronic pain in her shoulder blade, Heather found a woman who, through massage, was able to alleviate her pain almost entirely. Heather holds a BA in psychology from IUS and worked in mental health for ten years. Desiring to have more time with her son and develop more hands-on skill, she applied for massage school "on a whim." Heather has devoted herself to her practice, opening a studio in the space above her husband's family pest control business, working in various salons, on retreats, and with clients she acquired almost entirely through word-of-mouth. Between building her practice and raising a family, Heather finds time to give back to her community. She does massage for members of her church and is participating in the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals' "IWC Big Pilots Antoine de Saint Exupery IW-100 Deserves a Massage" week. Donated proceeds will benefit "Supporting Heroes," a fund that provides support to the families oí police, fire, and EMS workers killed in rhe line of duty. "Like our men in the armed forces, these guys everyday lay their lives on the line, but they're here in our community," she says. "We take it for granted that they're going to put their lives at risk."


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