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Global Youth Action Network Essay on Youth Employment Posté le Jeudi 25 Octobre 2007 à 22h32

My name is Lucile Ndjock and i'm cameronian. Now, i'm studying Geography in the University of Buéa , South-West Cameroon. I'm a member of the the young organisation "Youths ahead" which work actively in Cameroon for the promotion of the talents : artistic, scientific, economic , among the young people.


The unemployment is a crucial socio-economic problem in the whole cameroonian country. its effects is especially the increase in criminality in the cities such as the arm robbery, the prostitution. The poverty is also increasing leading a high level of emigration from Cameroon.

There is a very low level of employment of young people in Cameroon.In fact, many youngs are engaged in informal activities. Just a few graduated ones are employed in the formal sector.

The young people are not well prepared for employment. The system encourages white scholars jobs at the expense to the technical jobs. The consequence is that the engineers studying in Cameroon are not qualified enough to be employed in the various national industries and especially in the multinationals that exist in Cameroon. They cannot compete with the qualified engineers from international foreigner schools.Moreover, The students in my country from the primary schools to the universities have recieved a few specialization i.e the subjects of our curriculum studies are so many and often no useful. At the same view, the orientation of a student is often arbitrary. The educational staff and the parents do not generally consider the personal skills or talents of the students.
This system is successfull for the young people who work in the national enterprises or in the civil service but the private enterprises or the multinationals are more demanding. When they do not employ an indegeneous high qualified labour, they need a low cost and no educated labour force that they can exploited.
The students are not informed enough about the current job market. The students can learn esential data through the mass media and communication or through the Internet.


In Cameroon, there is a variety of schools: professional schools, technical schools and general schools but the professional schools are highly increasing and more adapted to the actual economic situation of Cameroon. The students from other schools have many difficulties to find jobs.


Tthe cameroonian governtment divided the ministery of the education in smaller units and each one is in charged to take care of the students of its ministry and find solutions to their various problems.The fees in the schools ruled by the state are free in charge. They encourage self employment giving aids and allowances to the enterprenors.They fight against the corruption. They privatize some estate economies, deliver permits of exploitation of the land for agriculture, building and so on.They are all successful but there are still some difficulties.

Lucile Ndjock


Secretaire à la Culture

Member of the Youths Ahead's South-West Cameroon Regional Executive Council (Buea)


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