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The VidéEau Festival - An international Competition. Posté le Mercredi 23 Janvier 2008 à 21h41

In 2008, Quebec will be hosting the world!

The Festival VidéEau is an international competition for video clips organized by the International Secretariat for Water (ISW), in preparation for the International "Water and Film" Events that will take place in Istanbul in 2009, within the context of the 5th World Water Forum. It is also a part of the "Celebration of Lakes and Rivers" project, a process to raise awareness and involve young people in international citizenship and cooperation for water in Quebec and around the world.

The Festival VidéEau invites young people aged from 17 to 30, to submit 90 second or shorter video clips on the theme "Water, People and Sustainable Development". The winners of the competition will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony to be held during the World Youth Congress, taking place in Quebec, Canada, from 10 to 21 August 2008.

The winners of the Festival VidéEau will automatically be selected for the official competition of the International "Water and Film" events. Furthermore, the best clips will be screened at various other events.

Young people are invited to submit 90 second or shorter video clips that deal with the theme of water, particularly from a sustainable development perspective. The theme "Water, People and Sustainable Development" encompasses the limitless uses for water, its meaning in different cultures and the many challenges we must face to manage it properly.

The video clips should carry a clear and concise message on the importance of the water which surrounds us and is a source of life. They should raise public awareness as to what is at stake in water management. For example, the subjects covered could be the pollution of rivers or water tables, water wastage, problems of access to drinking water and sanitation, the melting of glaciers due to climate change or even action taken by people to preserve the water near their homes. It is young people's turn to tell the world how their history, culture and daily lives in their towns, rural areas or countries as a whole are closely linked to water.

The Festival VidéEau is open to young people aged
from 17 to 30 from around the world.




In the registration form, they must write a short paragraph to explain the message of the video clip. They must also give their authorization for the Festival VidéEau organizers to use the video clip free of copyright, for exclusively educational and non-lucrative purposes.

If possible, video clips produced in a language other than English should be subtitled in English or accompanied by a script of the dialogue in English, French or Spanish.

Only MiniDV (NTSC) and DVD (multizone format) video clips will be accepted.

Video clips must be received before midnight on 15 June 2008 by:

Secrétariat international de l’eau (International Secretariat for Water)
7 rue de la Commune Ouest, bureau 203
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 2C5

Upon reception, the video clips will undergo an initial pre-selection process. Only clips in MiniDV or DVD format and already registered via the Festival VidéEau website will be retained.

The pre-selected clips will represent issues concerning water, its diverse uses, the stakes involved and the rich cultural issues, in line with sustainable development, throughout the world.

The pre-selected clips will be submitted to an international jury of experts in water and film, who will choose three winners.

The prizes for the three winning clips will be:

First prize: 2000$US
Second prize: 1500$US
Third prize: 1000$US



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