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Youth Ahead!

Ambition et Action.

Be Blue (poeme) Posté le Mercredi 15 Août 2007 à 16h52

For Youth Ahead!


 I woke up today

The soft rays of the sun lighted up my face

Screened by the blue curtains

My blue jeans slipped on,

I went down to the beach

Standing up on a rock,

I could stretch my arms

And feel cool air come through my body

I could catch sight of the blue of the sea

Stretching far off.

And as I was contemplating it

The Blue got inscribed in my eyes.

I closed them

A sheer moment of fullness.

Since the time I reopened them

I don’t see anymore but in blue

Blue is Peace

Blue is Power

Blue is Change

More than a word,

More than a color

The future is blue.


 Fanny Jocelyne






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